Does my boyfriend have a right to be mad?

About 7-8 years ago, my boyfriend gave his sister in law an old girlfriend he had a ring he bought her cause she liked it. This summer the sister in law was moving and brought up the ring my boyfriend let her have years ago and said she has never worn it and has no plans to so if he wants it back he can sell it and at least get some money back from what he spent on it, so he said: “thanks that would be great.” So once they moved and unpacked everything my boyfriend asked about the ring, she replied you couldn’t have it. I gave it to my sister. Question is, should he be upset especially since she offered it back so he can get some money out of it or do nothing or ask his sister-in-law to get it back from her sister since she said she would give it back to him so he can sell it to get back some of the money he lost from it?


I’m confused, is it his sister in law or an old girlfriend? Are we in Alabama? Can we get a family tree drawn? Either way once you give something you no longer have claim to it. 💁


Leave it alone he gave it to her so its hers to do as she wants with it


If he wasn’t bothered about a ring he gave her 7-8 years ago, I honestly don’t see the problem. Just draw a line under it :tipping_hand_woman:


No, it’s a gift and a gift is a gift. Whether she offered or not, she changed her mind. IT’S HERS

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It’s been years, it’s his sisters ring, he’s went years without the money from it, he’ll be fine. Leave it alone.

Umm no he should not be mad that’s ridiculous. At the end of the day it’s her ring.

I think he should just let it go. She probably forgot she had said any thing to him.

He gave it to her years ago and if she wanted to give it to her sister instead I feel like that’s his loss because he never expected it back in the first place

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He went almost a decade not concerned about the ring… Not concerned about getting money for it or anything. It’s annoying that she would pass it on after offering it back, but honestly, why does it matter at this point?

He shouldnt. The second she said make some money off of it… Thats when he got attached to that ring again. Let it goooooo let it gooo


He gave it to her 7-8 years ago. He has no right being mad because it was a gift. If he wanted any money back then he should have kept it from the beginning. Let it go at this point and move on. Water under a bridge.

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Lmfao over a ring from years ago :woman_facepalming:t4: nvm let it go let her hoop it

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She was wrong for even mentioning it, I agree, but it is unbelievably tacky to ask for a gift back. He gave it to her, it’s hers, it doesn’t matter what she does with it.

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He can’t be upset. It was a GIFT so she can choose what happens to it.

He doesn’t have a right to be mad because he gave it to her. :woman_shrugging:t4: She decided she wanted to give it to her sister. The bigger question is why would your boyfriend give his sister in law a ring​:thinking: It doesn’t matter if it was originally bought for someone else. That sounds a little odd.


I understand where he can be frustrated over it but he did give it to her 7-8 years ago. It was wrong of her to say she would give it back if she didn’t have the true intentions of doing that but I mean there’s not a whole lot he can do about it. No sense in causing a fight over it in my eyes. :woman_shrugging:t2:


He gave it to her. She can do with it whatever she wants to.

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I can see where he is upset considering she asked if he wanted it back. But it’s something I would let go considering it’s a not like its hurting his current situation.


wtf smh for what reason is he mad if he wanted it he should of took it when she offered it to him smh