Does my daughters speech seem normal?

Are there any speech therapists or people who have children of a similar age that can tell me if the amount of consonants my 18-month old says is normal? She says plenty of words but the only consonants she seems to use are H, B, M, N, P, D, T, Y, W. Does that sound about right? She will avoid words that don’t seem to start with one of those or will omit the first part.


Don’t baby talk. And read books to them. :grin:

When she says them incorrectly get down at her eye level and have her watch your lips form the words correctly as you repeat them to correct her.

When I was a baby, I’m told I left the first consonant off of every word I spoke. My mom is a speech therapist, so she jokes I just wanted to torture her! It’s more important at this age that she has words that mean something to her, even if they aren’t said right or aren’t the right word. She’ll get there!

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If you even have to ask then you know the answer! Kids develop at different speeds you cant compare one kid to another! Contact ur doctor not facebook!

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My first was speaking complete sentences at 18 months, my 2nd didn’t speak pretty much at all until two (he’s now a straight A student) and my 3rd was somewhere in the middle. All kids are different dont worry about it.

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18 months is still very young. She is just learning to speak. As long as she is saying some words that’s all that matters. It’s normal for a lot of words to even be pronounced incorrectly for a while. I wouldn’t worry for a while.

I just took my girl to a speech consultation to get eval. Shes 2 & behind. They said she should at least have 50words in her vocab. My boy was also behind but he came around & so will she so I am not choosing therapy for her

First of all really you need to study on 18 month old babies and what they say how many words are supposed to be saying and how they’re supposed to say it.I think 18 month old is too early for a speech therapist to myself and let me say this my daughter has been through speech therapy since kindergarten and she still doesn’t say sounds right. She’s 11 years old!! all kids are different and they learn different and they learn at different times and in different ways. With my daughters disabilities she’s like two grade levels or more behind in reading and spelling. It’s just an everyday practice on a reading book or a spelling book and practice our sounds even though she is 11 years old it does not stop. Actually learning your sounds is really hard for example my daughter is having a hard time still with short and long vowels and the silent e. okay she’s still having a hard time circling which word is the long vowel or which word is too short vowel which word says CH sound do you know that A e I o and u has like several different sounds and our children have to learn all those different sounds while they are learning how to read and it is very hard you have to learn to silent letters like the f in phone it’s not f it’s phone.

I’d say normal. 18 months is still young. My pediatrician told me at 18 months they should be saying about 20 words such as eat, mama, dada, cookie. If you feel something might be wrong talk to your pediatrician.

Maybe she having trouble pronouncing the other sounds.

Ask her doctor. But most importantly trust your gut. I felt my daughter was behind. I brought it up to her doctor but her father kept making up excuses & made me & her Dr question my instinct. It wasn’t until she was 3-4 when he was out of the picture & others had said she didn’t speak as well as others her she that I finally started asking for help. She’s 8 & is still in speech therapy because I waited too long. If you feel she’s behind then call your local head start or school district for help. Be firm & insist on it.

This sounds fine to me. Some words are harder than others and she’s still very young. If she was like 3 I’d think it was a problem, but she’s still pretty small

Yes. Her speech is perfectly normal.

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Two of my kids didn’t say anything at 18m old, they didn’t even say Mum/Mumma until gone two. Sounds like you’re little is doing just fine.

Every kid is different she’s fine

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18 months is so young, as long as they are communicating thats great

Every child develops differently and at their own pace. I wouldn’t be concerned. My oldest didn’t say a word until he was 26 months and my youngest knew the entire alphabet at age 18 months. They are both equally intelligent, they just developed differently.


She’s only 18 months, she’ll get there. My 5 year old refused to really even talk until he was almost 3. He has some issues with annunciation, but the speech therapist at school is awesome with working with him at school and we work with him at home. Every kiddo is different and develops at their own pace.

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i worked with 2 YO for over 2 years and currently teach preschool… its to early to tell because some of my 2 YO didnt even begin talking until more of 2.5 and there speech was perfect… i would say she seems to be fine if she is simply trying to make sounds at her current age. Just keep encouraging sounds and simple words and never talk baby baby talk. i would say if she not talking at least talking 3 word sentences clearly by 2.5, i would look into speech

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