Does pediasure actually help?

Hi. My baby girl is two years two months. She’s breastfeeding and takes formula too. Growth, milestone, and development is good. I have been thinking of giving pediasure to her, but here as per our health regulations, 2+ pediasure can only be given to children above three years. Have any mamas given pediasure to children two years old? If so, does it help?


She’s 2 and drinks formula!? The pediasure is for 2+ but can’t have it until she’s 3?? She eats regular food and seems completely fine what exactly are you hoping it’ll help with? :woozy_face:


If she is breastfeeding, taking formula, and eating a regular diet the I doubt she needs it. I give it to my son because he is small and doesn’t always eat the greatest. Its just a way to put healthy calories on kids.

You could just give her multivitamins. They make liquid vitamins for children under 3 if your worried she isnt meeting her nutritional needs

I gave it to my son when he turned 2 (stopped b.f. when he was 6months I was preg. With my daughter so I couldnt continue doing so with him)
he was fine. I gave it to him when I felt he didnt eat enough (picky eater but not as a meal replacemt)
only issue I had was when everyone wasn’t on the same page about not giving him more then 1 a day if he had 2 he would have a doody booty blowout but other then that he was great. No issues

Why not feed her nutritious foods?


I don’t see why you would give it to her if all her growth is good.


You really need to talk to her pediatrician.


If your child is meeting the milestones & growing well? You dont need this!
If your child has a consist weight gain & growth pattern. You dont need it.
You can make your child sick because of all the vitamins she’s getting from the formula & your breast milk.
You need to relax & take a breather.
My son has been on Pediasure for a year because he has a problem with keeping weight on!
If you’re child is eating well, growing & gaining? You don’t need this.


Unless she’s having a hard time gaining weight or has some sort of a medical condition I don’t see it being necessary. Just make sure she is eating a good diet.

If growth isnt a concern then she doesnt need it. Its generally for littles that struggle to gain weight or are so picky they dont eat.
Being on formula and breast milk…even if shes a picky eater and not eating much… she’s already getting everything’s it could give her.


Pedisure isnt really healthy to begin with. So unless your child actually needs it dont use it.


At 2 she doesn’t need formula


Help with what?? She’s already getting plenty of nutrients if she’s taking breast milk AND formula. My daughter was on Pediasure and then later Kids Boost Essentials. They’re full of sugar and really generally only used to add weight/calories to ones diet. I’m not some crazy healthy eater. I eat McDonald’s more than I should but I don’t see why you’d want to fill your kid up with liquid sugar if they’re doing alright without it. :woman_shrugging:t2:


My child is 2 and her doctor told us to give her pedisure

At 2 your child can still be breastfed but doesnt need formula and definitely should be getting the bulk of their nutrients from food. Pediasure would be ok as a supplement but you definitely should have these conversations with your health practitioner


Um I feel like this is missing context or something because I don’t understand why you would give it to her…


This makes no fucking sense.
If she’s breastfed, the only other thing she needs is a nutritious diet not formula and pediasure.

Why at 2 years old is she still on formula? She should be eating mostly food by that age and having milk or water with her meals. Buy your baby healthy foods and have them eat healthy, instead of trying to get them to continue drinking all their nutrients but adding a ton of non natural sugar.


Breast milk and formula??? Feed her food…