Does pumping always hurt so bad?

Quick question for you breastfeeding mom’s. my lo is almost 2 months. we’ve been breastfeeding and it’s going great but I would like to pump so my husband is able to feed her occasionally too. I got a manual pump from the WIC office today but my problem is, when I tried to pump it hurt like hell. is it normal for pumping to be painfully? it’s a Medela manual pump. any advice?


Yes in the beginning of pumping session but should get better. I got some cream you can put on your nipples/surrounding area that helps from the baby section in Walmart next to the pumps. Also use cool wash cloths on them after pumping. The coolness helps with the soreness. I had an electric medela pump that I loved.

It did hurt for me at first but after the first 5 minutes or so the pain would subside. However if you are using the wrong size of the part your nipple goes to it will hurt more. Different women have different size nipples. Also the WIC office should be able to rent you an electric breast pump. Nothing unsanitary is shared. You keep the plastic accessories and the machine part is rented. I personally pumped for 10 months and never could get it right with the manual pump :woman_shrugging: see a lactation consultant at WIC and they should be able to help you make sure your doing it right and with the right sized attachment :slightly_smiling_face:

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For me pumping was catastrophic. It hurt, gave me anxiety, and always only produced a tiny bit of milk. Some women just can’t pump. And before anyone jumps in, I tried for a long time and tried several different pumps and pressures and was not operating amything incorrectly. My first child made it about 8 or 9 months with breastmilk because I failed thanks in part to trying so hard to pump. My second I had to forcefully wean closer to 2 year old than 1 because I never attempted pumping but maybe a handful of times.

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Medela always hurt me. No matter the flange size. I got a $15 Lansinoh manual pump and it literally felt like a massage followed by the relief from pressure.

I had an extremely hard time with a manual pump. I had to get an electric pump. That made all difference in the world.

Go back to talk to the lactate person because you are doing something wrong, there are a couple of different things involved in pumping to make it comfortable from the hold to nipple position and the pump size

You probably need a different size flange unfortunately they aren’t universal either to much or to little of your nipple is entering the tube and both can cause pain and irritation

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I couldn’t pump. Between the pain and tiny amount it produced, I gave up…that was 16 years ago.

Yes well at first…my sis told me if its hurts the baby is not latched on correctly

Yup, so get usto it! Lol

Manual usually does hurt. Check the aeroflow breast pump website and see if you qualify through insurance for an automatic one. Lanolin cream helps too

The more you pump the less pain

Flanges are probably too big

The cup size could be too big, it causes pain. Call the hospital you gave birth at and ask for the lactation consultant, I bet you could just search and she can answer and help all issues

I sprung for the baby belle pump from amazon and it was totally worth it. It has so many adjustable settings to find something that doesnt hurt :ok_hand:

I had it hurt for a while when I first started. Ask the wic office ladies if they have a breast feeding consultant who can help you

I was told “if it hurts, something isn’t right”. Soreness is normal but actual pain isn’t. :woman_shrugging:t3:


Not for me. But I had a hand-held one I got from target that I really liked. It was for when I pumped at work. Maybe try one of those. They are not expensive, maybe $15.

Check the shield size!