Does smoking marijuana really decrease your chances of getting pregnant?

I just came across an article that says smoking marijuana decreases the chance of fertility. I frequently and legally smoke marijuana but don’t plan to start a family anytime soon. I know that when I do, I would definitely stop beforehand. But for those who were frequent marijuana smokers, was it easy for you to get pregnant? I’m kind of scared now because I really do want kids, and my fear would be not being able to.


I was 16, on birth control pills, and smoked daily, ended up pregnant (didn’t find out till I was 3.5 months along that I was pregnant due to the birth control pills kept taking them daily, had no signs) I still smoked daily when I got pregnant with my 2nd years later.

I’ve known multiple people before who have smoked it before they got pregnant and ended up having a healthy pregnancy. :blush: I doubt it causes women to not get pregnant.

Hahaha smoke daily. I have five babies and two Angel’s. I’d say not in this case.

I smoked marijuana daily at least 4 or 5 times a day and ended up getting pregnant in between switching birth controls :upside_down_face: lol. But i quit smoking once i found out and im currently 36 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy

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It decreases fertility in men, lowers the sperm count. You’ll be fine

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I just asked my obgyn about this yesterday. I have my medical card for ulcerative colitis (an IBD like Crohns). My morning sickness has been CRAZY so I was curious.

Theres not enough data one way or the other for science to give a :+1:or​:-1: The biggest risk is that smoking anything makes your blood vessels smaller. You want them bigger, especially during the first trimester so more blood flow and nutrition gets to the baby. I was advised that if I want to consume any form of THC while pregnant, edibles are the preferred method.

That being said, I’ve had my card for a while and got pregnant the first try. Keep your body overall healthy and you should be fine.

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This completely depends on YOUR body! Talk to your doctor about your risks. Just like anything else every body has a personal reaction to any chemical, herb, medicine that goes into their body.

Smoked for 20 years have 3 kids lol

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No it does not. There are whole groups dedicated to cannabis friendly parents.

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Not at all. What can affect your chances are your overall health, diet, and medical history. Marijuana has no impact on pregnancies.

mmm I’d have to say no to that as a woman. if I was a smoker or a nonsmoker i got pregnant just the same.

It doesn’t effect itnso long as you’re normally healthy otherwise

I never had issues conceiving, nor did anyone I know. I always thought that was a myth. Tracking your cycle and taking ovulation tests may rest your worries.


We had fertility issues and had tests. Gave up and lost 10kg n our results improved dramatically and also we were able to get pregnant. It made a huge difference for us. N we weren’t huge smokers

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I haven’t seen any concrete evidence anywhere that supports marijuana decreases fertility. Personal experience, no issues. I guess it just depends on your body.

Daily user never had an issue with fertility. Even continued smoking while pregnant. Not on the daily but I did talk to my doctor about it and he said it was fine as long as it wasn’t mixed with tobacco and it wasn’t consistent. It helped with my morning sickness and to eat because I couldn’t hold anything down. My son was born full term just a few days early. He was healthy and he’s very smart he’s in the 4th grade and in the top of his class.


The guys sperm is not as active if they smoke literally every minute they’re awake and for quite a few years like that. Otherwise don’t worry but I do recommend being sober for the future anyway because the longer you smoke the harder to quit and it’s not a nice idea having that influence/lifestyle around kids…


My husband smokes regularly for idk how long I do not smoke at all but I have 2 kids from a previous relationship where he did not smoke had no problems getting pregnant when it came to my husband and I conceiving it took us almost 2 years to get pregnant I cant say for sure if that is it but when we did get pregnant he had slowed down smoking a lot

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Lol no … we smoke everyday , been smoking both of us for over 20 yrs . We planned our first 2 , and currently pregnant with twins ( opps babies , we didn’t plans this ! ) so no I highly doubt that vey much .

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