Does taking anti-depressants mess with your milk supply?

I know that I’m having ppd and PPA. I had it with my first and second and never got treated because, honestly, I was embarrassed. Certain people made it seem like j was ungrateful and questioned why I even became a mother. So now I do want to do something about it. I’m breastfeeding and I’m worried about my milk supply too. Have any of you other mommas on antidepressants and still breastfeeding? Does it affect your milk supply? I’m lost and have no idea what to do


Never thought about it but I took antidepressants and could not produce enough milk no matter what I took or did to increase my supply. I tried and tried but had to switch to formula in the end. Don’t know if there was any correlation though.

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Talk to your dr before breastfeeding

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Talk to a doctor! Some can and some won’t.

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If you make your doctor aware of your concerns, they can give you an antidepressant that won’t affect your supply. I take sertraline and didn’t notice a dip in my supply at all. Going 5 months strong ebf and have been on my antidepressants since 2 months pp.

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I was on them with my second child, and my third, I was on a very low dose of Zoloft, it did not seem to affect my milk supply. Don’t let people get to you about PPD, it is a serious issue, hormones do not help the matter. Most mothers do have PPD some worse than others getting help is the best thing you can do, but keep in mind antidepressants take time to fully work, they also take time to figure out the right one. Some can make you worse keep a journal and ask those around you to watch for worsening symptoms.

I’m taking zoloft and still bf strong with my 3 month old. No changes to my supply and its safe to take while nursing

I had severe prenatal depression. I stayed on a low dose of Prozac for both my children. No one understood prenatal depression but it can be as bad as postpartum depression

I have no idea what affected my supply. I was put on Prozac in the hospital after delivery as a preventive measure, since I have a history of depression. All I know is I just didn’t produce much more than drops, and it was devastating! Could have just been my body though!

Please never be ashamed of needing help! Congratulations mumma and stay positive for you! Talk to your doctor get the facts and make a decision that suits you, well done for admitting to yourself you need support x

Each med is different for different people we all react differently. Sertraliine for me was a life saver but others dislike it. I spoke to my Dr and asked their professional opinion and he moved me to a different med. Also pharmacists are a good first port of call x

I am 11 months into breastfeeding and on antidepressant/anti anxiety med. Talk to your doctor. They will be able to help. Good for you for reaching out. It’s ok not to be ok. Sending super big hugs!

That’s a communication between you and your physician .Maybe she prescribe you .You might dealing with postpartum. Be brave :muscle::+1:

It shouldn’t affect it no but you do have to tell them you’re breast feeding as some can be passed on through the milk just stay away from sertraline it makes you feel like a robot x

Your doctor will best be able to help you with the right medicine. There’s no shame. I had PPD after my last was born. 4 years later. Admitting I wasn’t ok was what was best for everyone.

You need to talk to a dr, not here

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You need to talk to your doctor. I nursed and was on anti depressants. But talk to your doctor!

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There is breastfeeding safe medicine! Do not worry! Go get the help you need.

Breastfeeding while on antidepressants could make your baby sick because the meds could be in the milk. I’d talk to your doctor.


The Lactation Pharmacist is a GREAT resource!

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