Does taking birth control pills increase the need to pee?

Do any of you ladies on birth control pills have issues with needing to pee always? I work from home, and every day while I work, I get up and go “pee” (more like a trickle) over ten times a day. Most of the time, it’s just little amounts of urine…like not even enough to fill a medicine measuring cup—no pain, no burning, nothing like that, just the urge to pee too often. I am at my wits end with it because I’m sick of constantly buying toilet paper. This has been going on for a month, and I am O V E R. Anyone else with this problem?


possible since the pill does mimic pregnancy–but also you should have a urine test done, as some people can have UTI’s without the burning or pain.

Have you checked your blood sugar?

If you drink caffeine it can cause this issue

That’s all I get when I have a UTI. I just feel I have to pee more than normal.


A lot of things can cause an urgency to pee. Some are more serious than others. Best to see your primary care doctor asap

I’d probably get a urine test done to see if you have a uti

Check for uti, or have your sugar checked for diabetes frequency of urination is a symptom

I have the same issue and was just recently diagnosed with over active bladder. No doctor could tell me what was wrong until I went to a bladder specialist.

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I don’t think so, but I’ll say I just switched birth controls for the first time in six years and the first month or so I had to be every three seconds I swear. Lol

I never peed a lot on the pill, but when I get UTI’s I never catch them until they’re bladder or kidney infections because I don’t really have symptoms. My only symptom is worse than usual back pain, go get it checked out, if it is a UTI you don’t want it moving to your kidneys because then you will go septic.

I don’t think it has anything to do with the pill… but it’s definitely a sign that something else is up!! Call your doctor!

Call your doctor. Could be as simple as UTI or something much more involved.

Maybe over active bladder?

Check them for hydrochlorothiazide. That’s the diuretic medicine.

I advise you to see a urologist to see if you have an infection. If not, there are meds that easily correct an overactive bladder. I know many women who have had children and reached a certain age who have this condition.


I have problems with uti. Same symptoms. Don’t have to have burning to have one. Please check this out with your doctor.


Call your doctor and get an UTI screening and some antibiotics. You don’t have to have burning and pain to have an UTI. Often women don’t know they have one and the result is usually having the urge to go and a little comes out. Oh and it’s not the Birth Control. Nurse here

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My little girl was having problems going pee ALL THE TIME. She also has no burning, itching, or pain. Turns out She was so constipated that it was squishing her bladder.

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