Does the owlet monitor give off radiation?

Hey guys! Does anyone have the Owlet sock for their babies? I’m concerned about radiation? Does this give off any radiation?


Any wearable baby monitor, including the owlet, will emit radiofrequency EMF radiation. This should be of some concern to any parent, as the risk of EMF radiation exposure is well known. However, there are certain reasons that purchasing an Owlet would be worth the radiation exposure risk.——thats from their website


I wanted the Owlett but read several reviews the sock can burn baby… we got the Miku instead and absolutely love it


I had the owlet smart sock 2 and upgraded to the 3. Both are absolutely amazing and totally worth the cost. If properly placed on baby’s foot, there shouldn’t be any risk of burning. The emf risk is so minute that there are a plethora of other things to be more worried about.


I have nothing but good thing to say about the Owlet I bought it when I had my daughter in 2017 and gave it to my sister to used it with her newborn in 2019 .

When I was in the nicu with my daughter they said don’t get one they are not accurate.

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There are studies that report monitoring vitals via an owlet or other such product increase anxiety and sleeplessness in parents as well as unnecessary calls to your ped. 🤷 I never had one due to cost and tight budget after baby but having had pp anxiety I can firmly say it would have made mine worse. Just something to consider that I certainly hadn’t thought about until I researched it after birth.

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Like any other monitor, it does. I use one for my son. Yes it does give off radiation but I’ve had close friends and family loose their children to SIDS. So for me personally I’ll take the risk of radiation compaired to loosing my son. Especially because my husband and I had such complications trying to conceive and during my pregnancy. It’s up to you. It’s all your choice as a parent. I have an Angelcare system too. But because that doesnt monitor his O2 level and just tracks movement for me it’s still something that I worry about. My son only has it on at night. During the day he has it off cuz I can than keep a close eye on him. But night time he sleeps in his pack n play in our room (he just turned a month old), and because I obviously need to sleep too, I feel more secure with it on him especially because itll make noise faster than the Angelcare even if the sock has moved ever so slightly out of place.

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I have used to owlet sock on two children after losing my first daughter to SIDS. My sister also used it on her son. The risk of radiation is worth the peace of mind. I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I didn’t use it.

I used it for months, never had any issues, I do however suggest making sure each night you alternate which foot you put it on, can cause one foot to be wider then the other if you don’t

No it’s a light that looks at the blood flow through the foot which counts the heart rate and the oxygen saturation. By oxygen saturation I assume it’s looking at the blood cells and that they are counted to something (oxygen) to supply the baby. I’d have to look at the actually technology to know that part but either way- nothing that can hurt baby.
Just change the foot placement every night.


We’ve only heard and read horrible things about them burning babies feet and ankles so were getting a monitor that does the same thing but it won’t be owlet brands at all,weve only read bad reviews about it hurting babies.

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It does give off radiation from the Bluetooth and with it being in direct contact with the baby (distance helps reduce exposure to radiation) I don’t like it’s safe in regards to radiation.

I don’t think so. I had one and it gave me peace of mind during that first year.
I really recommend it!

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