Does your 4 year old have a TV in their room?

Whose 4yr olds have a TV in their room? I’m back and forth with it. We got a new TV, and nothing is wrong with the older one. My son is super independent and gets out of bed in the morning and makes his juice and breakfast, and turns on his shows. I would much rather he stay in his room instead of wandering or could wander. I mean, he is 4!


Nope, none of us have TV’s in the bedroom. Including us as parents


All my kids have a tv in their room. 15,10, 4,2 the little ones share a room and they fall asleep to the tv being on. That’s a dad habit that I hate but just picked my battles on.

My 4 yr old and 1 yr old share a room, and they have one in their room :woman_shrugging:t2:

My kids have no tv they are 10/8&3 no tv until they are probly 13/14 in their rooms

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I don’t think it’s a bad thing. If he is already getting up and turning the TV what’s the difference? If locking himself in his room 24/7 with the TV that would be an issue

My 3&4 year old do but only for movies to settle down for bed while I get cleaning done

My kids didn’t have TVs in their room until they started college


My children (7&3) have had one in their rooms their entire lives. Just because the television is in there, it doesn’t mean it has to be used all the time. My girls use their’s primarily on weekend nights and when they’re up too early in the morning.


My kids had a tv in their rooms at that age

No he would mess around with it when he’s supposed to be resting

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My boys have always had a TV in their room. As long as you establish rules and he’s willing to follow them then I would let him have one.

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My 4 year old does however, she has only used it once and that was the day we got it. She prefers the living room tv more which is okay with me.

Nope, I refuse TVs in bedrooms in my house. I have horrible insomnia and my daughter is developing it herself.

We put a tv with a DVD player in there. Movies only. No cable or streaming services.

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Who cares what other people do or think. Do what works for you and your family. Everyone will do different.


My 2 and 10 year old both have TVs in their room. The little one barely uses hers and the oldest is alloted a certain time a day for the TV in her room.

Yes. He has a smart TV. Deff helped alot

My 3 year old has one in her room. She never watches it though. She prefers her toys.

None of my kids do, but they do have a playroom with a TV so they go in there in the monring, I dont like tvs in the kids bedroom but that is personal preference