Does your child call you by your first name?

Does anyone else’s child call them by their first name? My daughter, 21 months, calls me by my first name. The reason she does so is that her cousin (my niece) calls me by my first name, so she caught on. My niece calls my husband and son by their first names. She calls my sisters by their names as well. But my daughter doesn’t call everyone else by their names, just me. Here and there, she says “mommy” but always goes back to calling me by my first name. I tell her, “please don’t call me _; I’m ‘Mommy’” Sometimes she listens and understands what I’m saying, but most times goes right back to saying it. It really aggravates me, especially when I’m not in the mood & I really want to break the habit. I hate being frustrated over something so little, but I can’t help but feel this way. She’s only 21 months old. Her twin brother calls me mama, but I’m worried he’ll start picking up on calling me by my first name as well. Am I overreacting by not wanting my child to call me by my first name? I want to be called “mama, mommy” all the normal stuff!!! She calls my husband “daddy,” calls my mother “Nana,” my father “Papa,” and in-laws “Abuela/Abuelo” she even calls her brother “Buda” WHY ME??


It’s good for them to learn your name. And names of others as well. She will go back to calling you Mommy just give her time. It’s new and fun! Don’t discourage it or a.) it becomes a game and b.) you never know if she may get lost “Mommy” won’t help authorities out whatsoever. Just my thoughts.


My 2 year old just started calling me mama kayla. It pisses me off sometimes but he doesn’t understand that. He just knows it my name so I can’t really be mad at him. He still knows I’m mommy no one can take that away

My son did this with his father when he was little because my kids from my previous marriage called him by his first name but we just kept correcting him and he finally started calling him daddy :blush:

Its a phase. Both my kids did it. Its important to know ur name should an emergency happen. Teach her both ways, but keep reminding her to call you mommy.

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My daughter did for a bit, instead of getting on to her I just made her start saying my last name too. Use it as a learning opportunity, as many others have already suggested.

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Among other names…lol. (just kidding)

Might be because she hears your name often. My son started calling me ‘Teacher Jade’ as he always heard that and then went to just ‘Jade’ and by 2 years old started calling me mommy and I never corrected him when he first started. They grow out of it, some kids just pick up your name first rather than mommy first. It will change, just say ‘mommy’ when called by your name, you dont have to say ‘please dont call me that’
Its really not that of a big issue, it shouldn’t upset you either

My 3 year old calls me by my first name. But just to get my attention or aggravate me cause her dad does it too. I’d honestly just kinda ignore her if she calls you by it if she doesn’t need anything. And not give her any reaction when she does do it.

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My son who’s 2 1/2 calls me by my first name. I lived with my mom & siblings for the first year or so of his life. So he started calling me by my name. And still does. He occasionally calls me mom, when he’s frustrated or wants me really badly. I don’t mind it. He also calls my husband by my name. Which is hilarious. It’s good that your kid knows your name. I would ignore your child, if it bothers you so much.

My daughter did the SAME thing right around that age. But she heard everybody else doing it.
I honestly hated it.
But it faded out after awhile.
And now it’s back to mom:)
But without a beat if somebody asks her what my name is she will instantly say it.
Soo bonus :grin:

It passes mine did as well around that age haha I think it’s because they hear it from other people and are paying attention

Think most children go through it. All 5 of mine have x

My kids called me both for awhile and they know I am mommy but if ever got lost or anything wanted them to know my actual name. There are alot of Moms and cops don’t know who mommy is. My kids knew my first and last name when was little. Have taken custody of 2 littles got them when was 1 and 2 they both called me momma. I also have taught them they know my first and last name just in case they ever need to know it.

She will grow out of it, I’m sure. My kids (4,5,5) all call me by my first name here and there, especially if they can’t get my attention. Sometimes when they are referring to me. My niece (2) can’t say “aunt Whitney” or “uncle mack” so she calls me wee wee and my husband “daddy”. Don’t make a big deal of it because then she will probably do it just to get a reaction from it.

My lo is 20 months and some times he doesn’t call me anything he just quacks at me…all day
It’s a phase it’ll pass just ignore her when she calls you by your name


My 8 year old does sometimes. I called my mom by her name when I was a kid.

I never get to be mommy, I went straight from mama to mom.

Id just keep correcting wen she calls you by your name she’s young but just stay with it n she should learn

My almost 26 yr old does and still does she always heard everyone call me chris thought was alright been doing it ever sense but she knew and knows. And I knew a guy who did that with his mom. My younger ones call me mom.