Does your spouse ever complain about family activities?

Question for you guys - Do your husbands complain about going out and doing activities (i.e., family pictures/haunted houses/game night with friends)? He is an amazing man and father, but it is a bit discouraging when he complains about the activities I plan. Any advice?? Thanks!


My husband works ALL the time. Even when he’s not at work he’s tinkering with God knows what needs fixed. So when I want to go do an activity it’s usually me and the kids on my own


No, I’m usually the one complaining. Lol. I have health issues and suffer from migraines and anxiety, though. I’m usually extremely uncomfortable in some way or another. :upside_down_face:


Nope, spending time with his family is one of his favorite things, he loves most of the silly things I do, and even when he doesnt want to do something, he’ll tell me he doesn’t think it sounds fun but he does it anyways with a smile on his face

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My soon to be ex husband complained all the time unless it was activities he planned for us.

My husband is the same. I so understand the feeling. I just do it with or without him. I’m not going to stop what I Olán just cuz he wants to be an ogre. And most times he gets tired of being home alone and will go do it with us

I’m the complainer when it comes to going out and doing things. I enjoy my time at home. My husband is more the people person. I feel bad for him sometimes but we make it work

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He has before but when I turned us around and headed back to the truck he shut up and then the next time he planned something you know I complained a good 20 minutes just to show him how it felt.

My man works alot. And plans kimd of set him back with his work. So its a complicated situation. He wants to spend time but im on medical leave till our little one is born. So he is the only income right now. So we try to plan things but sometimes they dont always happen.

Maybe have him plan the activities?

My husband doesn’t want to go do anything ever at all. Ever.

Just about family pictures, but he did it anyway lol

I think it depends. My husband just doesn’t like to feel overloaded. Like if he worked all day, I wouldn’t plan for something right after work or I would plan too much over the weekend. If I do plan a lot I know he may not join but invite him anyway.

Yes! He doesn’t like going out but once we are out he usually gives me an apology and tells me how fun it was and how good of an idea i had. Lol. It’s a man thing, I chalk it up to him working 24/7 so when he’s home he’d rather not get up and get the kids ready to go out and then deal with them in a public setting. I just power through the fits and we end up having A great time everytime

If he makes an effort nw n then it’s good enough for me!!! Besides me n the kids love shopping alone n doing stuff it’s just nt some people’s thing activity’s especially when they work all the time

Go without him. Like plan and walk out the door without telling him. He will either be cool with it or want to know why you left him out. Either way, no stress on you.

My boyfriend never complains unless it’s distant family related. As long as it’s between immediate family he never has an issue. He also doesn’t have any friends really so whenever i invite him to hang with mine it’s a hit or miss.

Does he seem to enjoy himself once out and doing these things? I feel like we are the opposite. My husband is always the one to take us out and do things. And I seem to resist a bit and maybe come up with excuses not to sometimes. But then I go and am always so happy I did! I’m not super social and I’d stay home forever if I could. If he’s like me I’m sure it’s nothing personal, just his personality maybe.

My fiance doesn’t care much for these things so I just invite him and let him decide. He comes to the important stuff! Dont push or itll just create animosity. Do your thing!

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My ex complained about being involved all the time. That’s why he’s my ex. The only family vacation he went on was the one right after I told him I was leaving him. Too little too late.