Drop your elf on the shelf ideas!

Are any of you that do the Elf on the shelf making a list? I started one just so I’m not scrambling for ideas. I got loads of things printed to make it easier! I’ll post what I’ve printed in the comments in case anyone wants to do the same. Just trying to help make things easier. And if you want to see my list of ideas for days, just ask.


I hate those things.

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I do it, but I’m basically just winging it :rofl: love to see your list!

Pinterest!!! Only way I made it thru the years!

Basically just winging it

I’d love to see you list

Whatever you do, do not write a note to your child from the elf!!! My daughter thought it meant they were penpals and wrote a new note every night for weeks. :woman_facepalming:t2: dumb me used cutesy swirly letters in what I thought was going to be a one and done letter. Oh, and set an alarm on your phone to remind you to move it. That is super helpful!!


Quarantine for 14 days.

Does anyone else with small children leave him out all year? We found a sister for ours. I think they are alot of fun.My adult children love them as well.

Ok question, new to the elf, so do you leave it where he moved that night all day? I know the book says you shouldn’t touch him or he will lose his magic :blush: The thought of not being able to clean up a 'mess" made by the elf for the whole day makes me anxious. (Like the flour snow angel on the above calendar)

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Heather Roe Roberts here are some ideas

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2 years ago our elf was captured by a rabbit and demanded carrots

I heard one of my students say “my elf on the shelf is on our washing machine so my parents can’t even do the laundry!!!”