Easy dinner ideas?

What’s your easiest, quickest dinner time meal that your family enjoys?
Bonus points if it’s healthy :slightly_smiling_face:


We love this one!!

Mc Donald’s - hold the bonus points :rofl:


Meatball sandwiches :yum: Probably gonna do that today

Pizza, spaghetti, Alfredo, malt o meal, oatmeal, cereal, max and cheese, crockpot meals, pancakes, waffles.

I get almost all of my recipes from Pinterest :slight_smile: the 2 I’ve posted are my favourites!

Corned beef hash, spaghetti bolognaise, cottage pie

Meatball subs. Not super healthy, but oh so good. Frozen meatballs in the crockpot with marinara. Whatever buns you like, selection of cheeses. We usually just have chips with them.

Chicken and rice. My guys love it. Even if we have leftovers it’s gone quick. I make it in a huge batch which makes four meals and freeze it. Plus I love that I don’t have to cook before I freeze it :laughing:

Uncooked rice, Cream of chicken, Cream of mushroom, Water, Lay chicken breasts on top, Sprinkle with dry onion soup mix, Bake for 1.5 hours

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Grilled cheese and soup (also could put meat into the grilled cheese ie: turkey melt, ham melt,tuna melt )

Last night I made healthy fried chicken. I coated it in almound flour with seasonings and fried it in coconut oil. But you can also bake it. Was a huge hit

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Grilled chicken, brown rice, and steamed broccoli.

Breakfast tacos.
Ravioli “Lasagna”
BBQ chicken drumsticks and some sort of roasted veggie.

Chicken was Alfredo sauce and Italian seasoning in the crockpot, served with noodles and steamed broccoli. Super easy and yummy, my littles love it!

Stir fry! You could add anything!

Rotisserie chicken from Costco with a big bag of Asian chopped salad!

Shake and bake pork chops and green beans!

Pasta and meatsauce, homemade fried chicken, chili on rice (my fav), and cake