Expecting moms... how long are you waiting until after baby arrives to have visitors?

I’m due in less than 4 weeks. We have been social distancing since March. I’m really nervous about what it will be like after our baby arrives. Our doctor told us at least 2 weeks, but only a few people that have been socially distancing. No one is socially distancing anymore.


Your baby. Your comfort level. Your rules. Period!


I would listen to the doctor. You’re responsible about social distancing but many people aren’t. Your baby’s health is worth any inconvenience or hurt feelings it may cause


Oh man I wouldn’t allow anyone to come to my house with covid19 and the stupid people that won’t practice social distancing and even if they did, still it’s your baby but remember if a newborn gets this virus I can’t even imagine the suffering or even death

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My baby is 4 months. Ive social distanced from day one

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I have a friend that kept all family and friends away for over 3 months after giving birth and when they did see new baby and other children masks can’t say that I blame her


They can meet the baby via Zoom… I wouldn’t even risk it.


Dont risk it… 2 weeks isnt that long… A month is better…

I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant! And have a feeling baby will be coming before her due date… I have been quarantining since March. Twice I have been in contact to very close family members testing positive for the Covid. (Including my significant other)… This was earlier in May. I don’t get why people still ask me why I don’t go out? Why I decided not to have baby shower. ? Like really?! I’m not having family members visit baby when it’s born right away … they can wait till baby is 5+ months and with a face mask on…
But that’s just me lol

I waited 4 months and they don’t kiss my baby and wash hands before even coming near her. This is only for immediate family that I’ve talked to the whole time. Everyone else gets sent pics and video until this crap is safer.

You & babys safety comes first considering whats going on, so if 3 months sounds good for you do 3 months or whats good for you. Another person said to zoom visit thats a awesome idea do it at your own time and ppl get to see baby

My daughter is 5 months tomorrow and I’m still not ready. A baby has no immune system and I think if they love us they can wait a little while longer. I take lots of pic every day and send to our love ones!

They can look my baby from the window

My daughter in law was told 6 months. Life is hard right now. :frowning:

I would honestly wait the two weeks then before people are allowed in your home your take their temperature (if they have a temp they cannot come in) and they have to wear a mask and also hand sanitizer. Do not warn them either you’re going to take their temps either for they don’t take fever reducing meds just for they can meet your baby.


My son was born April 3rd. We waited about 3wks before anybody at all saw him. Then slowly took him around other people after that.

I had my baby July 8th, my pediatrician told me to wait until he got his 2 month shots until I let people outside the household to see him


Do what makes you comfortable.


Following. I have a c-section tomorrow and nervous about what to do.

Personally think this is on a Plandemic lol. I haven’t changed anything since march and im not about to now. Planning a water or home and everyone welcome xx