Family Problems. In-laws from hades

My in-laws are driving me and my husband (their only child) away from them and I need some advice on how to handle this issue.

I’ve been married to my husband for almost four years, together for a little over seven and we have one child, a boy, born in December 2019. My MIL never respected me or even cared about my existence. When I was pregnant with our son, my she would ask my husband how I felt, in front of me, by asking “how has baby mama been feeling. She’s gaining too much weight”. Always taking jabs at anything I did or didn’t do.

Fast forward to now. Due to COVID we have made the choice to not throw a first birthday party for our son. He has a pretty delicate immune system and catches every single cold or germ under the sun, plus I am currently 20 weeks pregnant with our second child and I am on bed rest. When we told the extended family our plans, my side of the family was more than understanding. His side? Not so much. His mother has taken it so far as to calling hubby and asking to take our son for a weekend for the sole purpose of having him a “real party”. We said absolutely not we are not comfortable with him being exposed to many people and I know for damn certain that she doesn’t believe in this virus anyway. She has called every single day begging for us to let her have him. Saying we are keeping “her baby” from her, calling us his “temporary parents” and a bunch if other insane crap.

I want to cut off contact with her. I don’t need the stress, my son doesn’t need to be scared of his grandmother and my poor husband doesn’t deserve to be told I’m not so many words that he married a unreasonable b… and why can’t he just come live with them with our son until “she gets her head on correctly”.

I don’t know how to address this without full on yelling at her and my husband is extremely non-confrontational.

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