First birthday theme

What was your childs first birthday theme? I am looking for something unique but am drawing blanks.


We did mini mouse for our daughter and winnie the pooh for our son. Not unique though.

Wild One-

It can be jungle themed with jungle animals or

The Wild Things - children’s book


Old MacDonald’s Farm & Some-bunny is one!

We did star wars lol

Pay attention to what your child is drawn to

We did a honeybee theme! I spent $25ish for the decorations on Amazon and got a cute onesie to match the theme.

Winnie the pooh, and Micky mouse for my sons and the very hungry catapiller for my daughter

I did Harry Potter:-)

Super cheap. Super easy. Watermelon. She loved fruit and the color red

All American Twins. They are 4th of July babies so we did a cookout buy the pool and did water activities. Everything was red white and blue. We told guests to wear patriotic. It was so much fun. Ended up lasting 8 hrs

Reeling in the BIG One.

We call her Lucy Goose … So it was Goose themed.

My son’s nickname was llama … So it was llama themed.

Mine was mickey mouse I’m doing cars theme for his 2

Dinosaurs more for me since he really wasn’t into anything

Pink for my oldest circus for my second and Cupcakes for my youngest

“One”derland and we did the Alice in wonderland theme! We had a games and all kids of cute decorations from Etsy etc., and I made a lot stuff with my Cricut

My daughter will be having a berry first birthday :strawberry:

Baby in wONEderland :heart:

Dr suess in September so I had to make most of the decor.

My daughters will be donuts as in “donut grow up”