First birthday theme

I did Matilda’s mermaid theme.

My daughter was lady bugs and son was stripes

Cookie Monster (her favorite character)

One in a Melon!
And my third babies birthday is 2 days before Easter. So we’re mashing the two together for this year. Some’bunny’s’ One!

Who cares? They’re one. All you need is love, cake and ice cream & stuff to clean up a mess. :smile:

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Little fisherman :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I had a tacklebox cake made for his smash cake.

Carnival Theme. Bright colors and Carnival games.

We did Minnie Mouse I think a cocomelon theme would be adorable!

Happy First “Bee” Day so it was bee and sunflower themed


We did a first birthday luau!

Mr. ONEderful- bow ties, mustaches, suits and ties

First Fiesta- tacos, nachos, cactus, pinata, mexican sodas

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Dinosaurs cause she loved the land before time.

I did “one in a melon” :heart:

We did a lil angel, lil quarterback (his party was Superbowl weekend) and then a little blue truck theme

Well my baby will turn 1 in dec …but i already have a BOSS BABY theme planned hahaha

We did the Lorax its his favorite movie

We did a “Wild One”!

My oldest was JETS/airplanes and my baby was monkeys (their nicknames)… I used etsy and Pinterest designed it to shape their nickname/personality

My granddaddy owned a bulldozer business for over 25 years and we did bulldozers and big trucks.
Granddaddy loved the theme!!

We did a Wild one/ outdoor one. Honestly I spent way too much money lol bc all he wanted was the cake. I went hobby lobby decoration crazy and none of it really mattered. Now he is gonna be 4 and wants hulk