Flu and whooping cough vaccine during pregnancy?

32 weeks pregnant and my doctor has recommended me to get a flu and whooping cough vaccine. I have never had the flu shot before and I’m kinda nervous. What are your thoughts/opinions on the flu shot? Did you have any negative side effects from it?


The positives are not getting the flu… that should cancel out any negatives!:joy::joy:


Listen to your doctor. They are the medical professional :upside_down_face:


No negative side effects here besides a sore arm for a day


I got flu shot with both pregnancies. 100% safe. Listen to your doctors.


The flu vaccine crosses the placenta and supposedly your baby can get immunity. I had mine when I was pregnant and didn’t have any issues.


No negative side effects here. Just a sore arm.

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My opinion: they’re trying to give you a shot that “could” help you. Maybe it won’t. But maybe it will. What’s the harm!? I’ve had the shot 2 years in a row… no flu for me! Even with kids that have had the flu.

I always get the whopping cough when pregnant and never had any issues but I did get the flu shot with my eldest and had a horrible flu for 3 months, was not fun. After that never again, but the whopping cough is very important to protect baby

Flu and pregnancy are the worst. Totally worth the vaccine! And the baby will get some of the early protections from your vaccinations

I recently got the whooping cough one and had zero side effects. I’m 39 weeks now but I was like 37 weeks at the time

Get it! I got the flu shot when I was pregnant and also the H1N1 shot. No negative side effects and no flu!

There’s no research on flu shots during pregnancy. I’d say no.

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I normally opt out of the flu shot but they told me if I got it now then the baby won’t need to get it later ( whooping cough vaccine) that’s the only reason I did it and everything was fine. Just a sore arm.

You very much so want both these shots to avoid potentially passing life threatening sickness to your newborn

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Id recommend telling everyone who will be around the baby regularly, to also get the whooping cough vaccine.


Vaccines have NOT been tested on pregnant women.


I got the flu shot one time and it made me extremely sick. I’ll never get it again. Flu shots and Tdap aren’t tested on pregnant women due to ethical reasons. I refused vaccines while pregnant and have no regrets.


I got it during pregnancy and was fine with no flu


Listen to the professional. You’ve opened a big can of worms on this topic. I got both with no effects other than a tender arm