For those who had a c-section, did you have a VBAC the second time?

I wanted to know if there’s any mom that had a cesarean with there firstborn and then did a successful VBAC after with there 2nd, and what helps?


Yes… I had a c-section when I was 16 then I had 3 natural births after😊

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Yes, I had a c-section and exactly a year later on the same date had my 3rd child vbac with no complications.

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I have 8 children…I had 3 natural births then 1 ceasarian then 4 natural births after that. I had a gap of 2 years between the ceasarian birth and the natural one. Using aloe Vera straight from the plant on scar during the the first pregnancy after the ceasarian helped me strengthen the scar. Not sure if that helped but i had a successful natural birth. It was a long labour and a little more painful but it was a success none the less. Every birth after that got easier and the labours were shorter. Maybe do a little bit of reading to see what else you do to prepare for a successful VBAC. Xo

My sister had 2 c sections and 2 successful VBACS with her last two.

It all depends on why you needed to have the first csection. Talk to your doctor. Not a lot of doctors will agree to do a Vbac.

No I could not give birth to none of my 3 my opening was way to small

Follow katy hearn on Instagram! She had an c section for her first born and recently delivered her second son doing vbac.

The hospital near me didn’t do it. I had to have a repeat c-section

My doc wouldn’t allow a vbac so I had 2 c-sections but no problems with either.

My 5 year old was breech and would not turn so i had a c section. This time we’re hoping for a vbac.

Its upto you how you would like to try and deliver my first was vbac then had to have emergency c section at 32 weeks with second but them had natural with my 3rd I was determined all the way through I didnt want a section unless necessary and I got my own way :slight_smile: as long as there is no complications you should be allowed to atleast try natural xx

The hospital my doc did all her surgeries would not allow for a vbac but if I had went somewhere else I could of for my second

I had a cesarean with my first born and a successful VBAC with my second … what helps: resting eating healthy drinking water and walking

I had a cesarean with my first and a wonderful and successful VBAC with my 2nd one.

I had a natural birth my first child, second emergency c-section and my 3rd a VBac she was 10 years apart from my second and doctor said by then most of the scar tissue had healed etc. He did have the OR prepared if something went wrong. But 9 hours later and she was natural. He was also the only one within a 50 mile radius that would even consider it. I’m grateful he did. Good luck.

I had a section Dec ‘12 and a VBAC Feb ‘18. You have a 60% chance of succeeding with the VBAC and a 40% chance of ending in a repeat section. Definitely worth it to try!

C section for my first VBAC for my second. I tore so much I would do c section again in a heartbeat.

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I had an emergency c section with my 2nd and my 3rd and 4th were both vaginal. Super easy and successful. I was induced with my 4th. I did have to travel because our immediate hospital doesnt “allow” vbacs due to insurance stuff but they are becoming much more mainstream.

I was set to try one until the 36 week scan. My doctor looked at my sons growth and was like no way will he fit—let’s schedule.