For those who have big families, did you go into labor on your own with your last?

I’ve been induced with 5 of my seven babies. I only got to have one so far natural. He was two days early, and he was my second baby. I’m doing my first ever home birth with this one number 7. Are there any moms out there that had that many babies, and did u go early or late with number 7?


One of my babies had to be evicted also. Lol

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Who has so many babies :grin: i haven’t made it on number 8. Im on my way to have baby #5 hahaha

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Not had that many. But have sex a lot in the last week or more before your due date. Semen helps stimulate labour apparently, and no it wasn’t my partner who told me that. But it did work with 2 of my 4 kids. I was induced with the 1st and single for the last so worked for the 2 middle ones.

I was induced with my first two. My third the doctor sent me to the hospital from my appointment to be induced. They started pitocin but realized I was actually in labor and stopped it. My fourth came so fast she was born in an ambulance behind my house. Fifth I was induced a week early to avoid what happened previously. Sixth I went into labor on my own about a week before my due date.

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Only 4 but no induction at 41 weeks 10lb5oz 22 3/4 in long

1st induced 2nd by himself (with 8 hours of labor at home) 3rd induced

I’m due with my #5 and all my kids have been overdue. My first by 2wks & was induced. All the rest have been natural labour & births with no interventions regardless that they were overdue by 1wk to 3 days. #4 was a homebirth & #5 is also planned for homebirth. How you birth is your choice & what doctors/midwives say are only recommendations… There is always other choices… Don’t be afraid to research & ask!

I’ve never been induced but most of my babies came around 41 weeks. My 7th was a little over 41 weeks gestation. Every baby is different though! And your body knows what to do. Your baby will chose its birthday at exactly the right time for it. Good luck to you ! I hope your home birth is amazing.

I’m currently at the hospital being induced with my fourth. My first came on her own a week early. The rest have been inductions. I have scar tissue on my cervix from a cone biopsy though.


All that matters is that you and baby are healthy. My first came almost two weeks late on his own and there was meconium present and he had to spend a week in the hospital on IV meds. That labor was about 16 hours. My second I was induced and she was born healthy after a 12 hour labor. My third was also born healthy and came on his own before induction date and I had a 7 hour labor. There is a risk to wait too long after due date so I would urge you to discuss with your Obstetrician.

I have 3 kids. My first came a few hours before my scheduled induction which was a week late. My second i was induced a week late. My 3rd came on his own 3 days late but I started labor the night before my due date the 3 days leading up to his birth labor was slow my contractions were painful but 20 minutes apart day 1 day 2 they were 15 apart that night they went down to 10 minutes qpart and stayed like that for day 3 until 2am day 4 when they jumped from 10 to 5 to 3 withing 20 minutes.

My 3rd was 2 weeks late, natural. But was in the 1960s when doctors relyed on natural births. Went to hospital in afternoon, he was born around 5:30 after doctor completed rounds. Second came fast, went in about 6:30 am, she came about 7:15 but doctor came to hospital for morning rounds about 7 am so was there, I wasn’t worried, first was 18 hours after at hospital, second was 2 hours at home and 30 minutes or a bit more after at hospital, 3rd was only few hours after at hospital but 8 hours at home, wanted to wait to go to hospital, at that time you were in a labor room with only the nurse.

1st 3 days overdue, 7.5 hr labor 2nd I had to be induced because her heart rate kept dropping during contractions that I didn’t know I was having, I was in labor for about 2 or 3 hours

I have 4 and am about to have 5. I went in with the first three with contractions and dialating so they broke my water for me. With my 4th my water broke at home, no contractions at all so I was given potocin. I always went 2/3 weeks early. Never had any complications though

My mom had 10 pregnancies 2 stillborn 8 living. The 8th was 32 weeks stillborn. Her 9th and 10th were 36/37 weeks. Her 7th not sure.

Oh man Pitocin is the devil!! I was induced with both of my boys. If it were easier deliveries I may have had more but pregnancies were awful and the deliveries were a nightmare.
24 labor with my first and about 5 hrs with the second but that pitocin makes it so hard to even catch your breath once it starts.
I’m praying you go without it!!

My 5th baby was at home. Everyone else was induction. The twins were a month early but everyone else was late

Everyone is different. My first needed to be induced and my second my water broke. My third I was 2 weeks late. I got a sweep and went into labor. I still got induced with all of them because my labor stops around the 6 hour mark.

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I went into labor naturally with 8 out of nine. Well my 3rd my water broke at 38 weeks and they ended up giving me something to induce contractions. And my last 1 we planned to induce 2 days after my due date because we lived 30 minutes from the hospital and some of my labors were super fast and my husband was impatient. So the doctor gave us the option so we could make arrangements for the other boys and I could guarantee that I would make it to the hospital. But breaking my water and walking sucked so after hours of that they gave me something to speed it along again.