For those who have school aged kids: What are their routines now?

Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone else has a 3-4-year-old who you’re preparing for school? Someone who actually sits down to do “school” with their babies! CN, you send me your daily schedule? What time do they get up? Naptime? Bedtime? School time? How’s it work? My son is getting ready for head start, and I want to get him on an appropriate schedule! Also, do you break up schooling in small portions, or do you sit for an hour?


15-20 minutes at a time is all you really need at that age. Once they are done, stop. You don’t want to start to hate it.

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You need to break it up about 15-20 minutes at a time you don’t want to overdo it especially if they’re getting ready to start Head start is way too early have them sit for that long

I have an 11 year old and a 14 year old and threats of violence aren’t uncommon in our day (kidding). Following

I have 3 teen girls. Right now anything goes. I was a teacher associate for drake head start. I have lots of ideas. School started at 7:30 and ended at 1:30. First we started with practice writing there name. Write your child’s name so he or she has a guide. At first it will just be shapes and lines. Be sure to give your child lots of different things to write with. Markers, Pencils. Then have story time, dance time. Lunch and stack time. Art with paint and glue all the messy stuff. Plant seeds. You could make a sensory table out I’d a tote and put sand, flour with measuring cups. Also the bag the flour came in. Refrigerator Magnets are a must.

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I have 6 YO kindergartener (school is out for a month) and a 3 YO preschooler (her schooled was closed). We try to keep things as normal as possible. I moved there bedtime a little later and we aren’t waking up at 5:30-6:00 AM anymore. I follow their lunch, snack and recess schedules from school. As far as book work goes, my oldest has maybe 45-70 mins of work to do everyday and my youngest colors during that time. We do our sight words, reading and counting together. This is a vacation but I’m also not so strict because it is such a weird time.

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Helping your child label the feelings they are having also will be helpful. Computer learning games with a timer is also part of preschool. When the Covid-19

Is over story time at the library is a good introduction to preschool!

I’m just trying to keep them alive until bed time


I would also like to remind that play is how kids learn, up to age 7 and after. Give them tools for critical thinking play, like setting up a grocery store at home, encourage fine motor skills by threading buttons or beads onto pipe cleaners, lots of playdough time, it’s okay to teach a 3 year old how to hold scissors. Play hide and seek with letters, number or shapes. Not all learning needs to be at a table.


My daughter is in reception and her work at home is

wake up 7am
school starts 9am
10 mins she does mathlink cubes (they are great for building, Counting.

Play for 20 mins

reading for 10 mins or let them read to you even if it’s made up.

Teach them to help you clean or clean up after them selves

10am break and snack till 10:30 am

10:30am art work or your choice 20 mins

10 mins writing maybe name, words, or following dotted lines.

11am 20 mins play

10 mins singing lesson

11:30 messy play 20 mins

10 mins wash hands and relax

12 -1 lunch

1pm for 10 mins phonics

1:10pm play 20 mins

1:30 10 mins number cards teaching them numbers.

1:40pm play for 20 mins

2pm 10 mins activity of your choice

2:10 for 20 mins play

2:30 10 mins talk about your best bits and practice sitting still for assembly I used a bell rang when we could move.

2:40 play till sometime 3pm

You will find they will nap more having a routine but th,is got mine ready for those days. You dont have to do it like I do just giving you the idea so hope this helps.

None. His curiosity finds lessons on its own. We leave homework on the table and he will work on it every other day on his own (age 5)

I’m a horrible mom. My 6yo is up till 2 to get 3 every night. Sleeps till noon.

But with that said, I have no choice. I work 9pm to 7am at home and need her to sleep when I do.

Not a schedule or anything but this a website that I use to get some school workbooks. They have a free downloadable one right now from i think pre-k to 5th grade

No routine. We go with the flow and accomplish stuff a little at a time throughout the day. It keeps her and I more same and we enjoy more time together :blush:

I don’t have routines. I’ve been teaching her life skills and she reads books to me. Turns out she likes to cook so for now I’m helping her learn that :ok_hand: she reads the recipes and helps to measure out the ingredients. Reading and math all at once

Okay as a preschool aid this is how we do it. 9am get the jiggles out by doing a obstacle course to help with motor skills. Then we go into circle time and from there we do school work which is tracing your name and numbers then we have play time. Then back to the tables to say what they did and what they like. As far as nap time they went down right after lunch.

We’re keeping same schedule as we did for school… lessons and all…

They get up around 830 east and watch some tv at 10 school starts. Math 30 and reading/writing 45. Lunch pe for 2 hours back to school and then off for the rest of the day. I bought a bunch of books from lakeshore learning. On weekends they do an hour of iready. They are use to it by now. I do it this way since I work from 6 am to 10 am from home log off and then back to work at 9 pm when they go to sleep. It’s hard at first but uppity will all get into a schedule.