Getting pregnant with PCOS

Hello! My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for two years now. Long story short, they just diagnosed me with PCOS. I will be starting Metformin today to get the process going. I just want to know if anyone has experienced this? If so, did you succeed? How soon? Was is pretty hard to get pregnant, or is the medicine pretty successful? Pretty much, just want to hear everyone’s stories! Thank you in advance! Add on: Even with being diagnosed with the PCOS, and they did say I have a great supply of eggs, so I’m staying hopeful!


Dar McNulty tell her your story.

I have PCOS and 6 kids. So it is possible.

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Do a low carb diet! Worked for me after 5 years of trying!

I got pregnant after a couple of months on Metformin!

I have pcos you can message me if you like

I have PCOS. They started me on metformin and since my cycles were irregular they put me back on birth control. Just by personal choice I chose to take my birth control and the metformin together for one year. We got pregnant the very first try. This was after trying for 18 months and not getting anywhere.

My friend with PCOS got pregnant 2 weeks after starting Metformin. Sending baby dust and prayers your way :heart:

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We’ve tried for 2 years after having a miscarriage…I went in and ended up finding out I had PCOS… they wanted to put me on metformin but I refused it… I actually went in to see if I could have kids because nothing was happening… they ended up running a bunch of tests on me to see if I could go through with getting a test that runs die through your Fallopian tubes well in the mist of that I get a call about an hour later from them telling me I was pregnant lol I was in shock because we’ve tried for soooo long lol… now my baby will be 2 tmmrw :slight_smile:

I’ve been on metformin for almost 3 months now! And it’s regulating my cycles😌

Metformin is taken to treat diabetes. How does treating your diabetes help with PCOS?

I have PCOS and got pregnant very early on when I became sexually active for the first time. I first had intercourse in Feb 2018 in august I found out I was pregnant xx

I wasn’t having periods at all and was told I had pcos. They put me on metformin and I was pregnant with my daughter within a couple months!

Metformin for infertility is a miracle product. After 6 years of infertility, miscarriages, and lots of expense we found a doctor that prescribed it. I was pregnant within the year and now have a nine month old baby boy. Good luck!

Most people have GI issues while taking it but I am allergic to mammal so my diet was limited. I didn’t have problems with it and I think it was because of my diet.

My best friend has pcos and is pregnant with her second child. She was over weight, diet all messed up and was not working out. 5 years ago she lost weight, started living a healthier life style and worked out 4-5 times a week and seemed to do the trick! Not sure if you already do all of these things but her doctor never tried to prescribe her anything but she tried for years and nothing until she did those things. If you ever wanna talk to someone she would be happy to speak with you!! Her period also regulated when she lost weight and never needed to try any other alternatives!

This method worked or me! I’ve had two successful pregnancies and my pcos is a lot better. I still get a few cysts but no where near as bad. I was put on it in 15 and had my first daughter in 2016. I did have two miscarriages after I had her one in 17 then another in 18 then in 2019 we had our second daughter. So don’t give up it’s definitely possible! Best of luck!

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I was preggo 10 months after starting metformin…then preggo ago again at 9 months pp…now I’m preggo again at 8 months pp. Good luck!!!

I was dx with PCOS 8 yrs ago. My husband and I tried naturally for 3yrs with no luck. I started Metformin as I sn insulin resistant and conceived within weeks. We had 2 miscarriages bc of my hormone imbalance so our third pregnancy I started progesterone right away. I am now 36wks pregnant with our miracle baby. Hang in there. If you want to talk further or have any questions feel free to PM me.

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Hey yes and I’m currently pregnant with my second! Metformin can make you feel rubbish, so I’m now on the slow release metformin which is much better. Good luck and don’t put pressure in you’re self x x

I have pcos and took metformin and met with a dietitian to work on losing weight it took awhile but eventually I lost enough weight and kept taking my meds and now I will be delivering my 2nd baby on tuesday :slight_smile: