Going through case and my ex won't let me get a passport for our child: Advice?

Mamas, I need your help, please. I am going through a custody case of my kid, and my ex is creating hurdles at every step. I now have primary custody of my child, but he has refused to give consent for a passport for my kid. Can anyone who has gone through a similar situation guide me on what I can do in this regard? The case is already in court, but my solicitor isn’t much of a help.


My husbands ex took him to court for the passport :upside_down_face: you will probably have to file a hearing if he won’t agree.

Straight to the judge. They will say you both have to sign paperwork for child. It the best interest of the child to have an ID either way. Then move on.

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I got a passport for my son without his dads permission. Just put my details down.

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Do you have sole parental responsibility? If so you don’t need the dads consent

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Sometimes the court won’t issue a grant for that if they think that either parent will try to use the passport to run away to another country with the child…


My kids father refused to let our kid inside the childcare
I got a signature of the judge to bring her inside the childcare
Might be same for passports

Passports i believe need both signatures or a notarized form. I do not think there is any way around it unless the other parent has given up their rights. He may not want to sign for one thinking you’re a flight risk. You may think he is being unreasonable but in his mind he might be protecting his kids. :woman_shrugging:


There is no way around a parent not wanting their child to leave the country.


I wouldn’t allow a passport either. Hello. Don’t blame him at all. Sorry not sorry


Both parent have to agree for a child to leave the country… Id NEVER ok it for my ex… Sry wait til theyre 18 mfer


I was told if you have full or primary custody you don’t need the other parent signature to get a passport at least that’s what my office told me when I inquired


Omg people with real id changes you have to have a passport to travel now from state to state starting next year for some stupid ass reason (no age doesnt matter). The judge can overrule that if he has no physical custody and you plan on taking the kid on family trips


You can have a hearing to see if you can get sole legal custody then you won’t need him.

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Nope cant do it there is no reason to take your kid out the country because you can keep him over there


You have to have a judge give the permission

My kids dad is in Canada and I would have to get his consent if they were to even get one to see him and even of the other parent is in prison you would still have to get their consent as well

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Sounds you and your ex are from different countries. That can be a real problem for child custody reasons. I think you should consider staying put in the country where you are if you can. This would would be best for your child who needs both their parents. You take them to a different country you would be eliminating their other parent from their life. Can’t coparent when you are that far apart. Your child has gone through enough change and loss. Don’t add to it.


Y’all are some bitter ass women. Who’s to say she doesn’t want the passport just for a vacation? Unless she is deemed a “flight risk” then there should be no reason to not allow it. I would love for my child to see the world. being selfish and stopping that from happening, is beyond childish.


:see_no_evil: I dont blame him for not wanting his child a passport. My ex barely got my permission to leave the state with my child. So I dont blame a parent for not okay with the idea of their child leaving the country