Good school lunch ideas?

My little one hasn’t been eating at school very well so I’m going to start packing his lunch for awhile. I need some idea’s for a picky kid that won’t go bad and doesn’t require an any ice packs at the moment.


Not sure about what kinds of food. I’d Let your little one pick out their own fruit or side at least. Kids like to have choices.


Can you use a thermos?
Chicken nuggets
Mac n cheese
Whatever he likes
Any veggies he likes

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We bought bento boxes for our kid…here’s some of the things weve sent him
Edit. The bento boxes are insulated. The blue one is a omiebox from amazon that comes with a thermos.
We tend to utilize leftovers as the main portion and then add snacky foods in the other compartments. So he has plenty of choices but we’re not wasting a bunch of money if he doesnt eat everything.

He always eats the chips. And he usually eats the fruit.


I make small bags of “mom approved” things they can choose from every morning for sides on Sundays. (Veggies, fruit, crackers, gold fish, etc). And I’ll usually offer 1 or 2 “mains” . (Pbj, salad, pasta salad, hard boiled eggs, cubed cheese, turkey sandwich, even yogurt, anything with a lot of protein).

I noticed since I started letting them choose, their lunches come home empty, and my snacks last longer. Lol

Good luck! Lunches are the worst. :joy:

They make freezable lunch boxes ( no ice packs required) my daughter is 15 and is still a super picky eater so I make lots of little Tupperware containers with different choices and then I make one with her favorite snacks, fruit snacks, veggie chips, pop tarts…

Rolled banana and peanut or almond butter

Apple sauces
Homemade wraps
Chips and salsa
Bear paws
Homemade goodies

Try to only give a little bit of each. My kids clearly love their bento boxes!


I’ve been making home made lunchables. It’s been a total hit. We’ve even made the pizza ones with thin bagels and the nachos one too.

What does he like to eat when not at school?

I’m not sure if your school does this but my school put the menu for the month at the end of each month. I let my kids decide if they are gonna want anything on the menu for the week (our district pre covid had like 4-5 choices) if not I let them pick what they want to eat for lunch for the week. I’ve found it helps limit the “picky” and helps me have some control over their diet.

This helped me and my daughter lives it still 7 years later…she just started middle school

Bag up some veggies some apples grapes,crackers cheese sticks lunchables stackable jello applesauce mixed fruit peaches veggies. Bag up some crackers

Dear u can give ur child variety of lunch e.g.
1.boil potatoes & bananas
2.chips & oranges
3.frenchtoast& dry fruits
4.small sandwich& cucumber
5.small burgers& Any juice
7.nuggets&carrots cupcake
9.zingerburger&kiwi fruit
10.rollparatha&any flavoured yougurt.

Try to give him little but daily change his menu,so that he can enjoy his lunch.
Hope this diet help u a lot.
Make 1 month planned different food&variety in
Lunch menu

Avoid giving him too much food. Here they get 20 minutes for lunch. By the time they get their lunch, get seated & start to eat they get about 10-15 minutes to actually eat. (Thats if the recess supervisors don’t take time off lunch for a few kids behavior :smirk: so they may get 5 minutes to eat :angry:) I was filling those lunch boxes up. It turned out that they were overwhelmed with choices. By the time they decided what to eat it was time to clean up. Make it simple. A sandwich & carrot sticks. I like using sandwich containers with silicone cupcake liners to make something like a lunchable. A few different veggies in each cup along with Hummus. Cheese, crackers, grapes & strawberries. Sliced apples with pb in the middle rolled in raisins. Anything that is quick.

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Have him pack it. Meaning you’re doing it with his help and choices. And use encouraging words while doing so- this is the best lunch ever, can we make one for me just like it, I’ll bet you can’t wait to eat this tomorrow, you make a great lunch… etc… to help him look forward to it and enjoy it more. Also ask him to help you make a list of his choices for shopping.

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My kid is extremely picky. So I’ve packed his lunch since day one. Pbj, pudding, jello, juice, cheez its, brownie. Sometimes applesauce, chips, cookies, crackers


Sandwich thin
Cheese string
Cookie/cake/choc bar
Peice of fruit

The no ice pack thing is hard. You can freeze the yogurt pouches and they are cold and thawed by lunch.

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