Has anyone added their last name to their childs?

So my son only had his father’s last name, and I want to go to court to add mine as well. At the time he was born, I was under the impression that my last name would be changing soon as well, but fast forward 1.5 years, and here we are. I wondering if anyone has/did do this and whether or not the judge let you add your name in. I don’t wanna spend almost $400 for a judge to say no. Side note: the father doesn’t agree to add my name in.


I don’t think you really need his permission?


Depending on your state, both parents usually have to agree. You usually petition the court and he can be served and object.

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In AZ if you are the only one with responsibility of the child yes you can add your last name. If you share then i think u need both to be agree , if this doesn’t happen then u get the court permission to add it.

I changed my child’s to mine

I was told by my lawyer that the father has to agree to it and sign the papers before I can change my kids names

First, if he’s on the birth certificate he’s going to have to agree. In some states he has to be present.
Second, you can request a waver of court fees. If you qualify there’s still stuff you pay for like the newspaper listing, copies of forms (which has to be done at the court house at their prices) etc.


Even tho my child’s dad isn’t on his birth certificate, I still couldn’t change his name without his permission, so now I’m waiting till his rights are taken away, then I’m gonna see about changing it

You can look at your state laws usually if it’s not mutual you go to court and present in front of a judge why you want the change and it has to be in good faith and the judge then decides

It doesn’t require his approval to hyphenate unless the child is over two years old. If it was completely changing his last name then yes, but hyphenating usually the judge will approve without the other parents permission (sometimes even over the age of two but that seems to depend on the judge).

My mother gave me her last name when I was born. When she left and my grandparents took me in they wanted to change it to my father’s last name (their family name). She wouldn’t agree to the name change and the judge said all they could do was hyphenate my name. I’m in MA.

All my kids are under my last name. I wasn’t married when I had them, so they weren’t having a different last name than me


My child has a hyphenated last name because I never changed mine

So I take it you plan on leaving this man? Or already have? Because if you haven’t please just be prepared because you’re also setting yourself up for it to end.

My oldest has my last name and hyphenated with his father’s he always hated it. Wish I would’ve just gave him his father’s. It was more of a hassle with paperwork and school stuff.

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My kids have hyphenated last names and it’s very annoying. Their dad and I were not married when I had them but I still wanted them to have the same last name as both of us. Looking back it was a mistake.


I’m married when we had our son 15 years ago I had his last name with both mine and my husbands last name my husband didn’t have to agree or even sign anything I live in AZ.

In Tn, to change the last name I had to go to Juvenile court to get the judge to grant the permission. Regardless of whether you change, add, hyphenate you will have to go to court to get the permission from the judge to get papers to send to the vital records office. Court fees will have to be paid then however much the vital records office charges to make the name change. If they are over a year

In maine the other parent has to agree

My personal opinion, don’t do it. When I was one, my parents divorced and my last name was legally changed and hyphenated. It has caused SO many legal issues my whole life. When I went to get my drivers license at 16, they wouldn’t accept the divorce paperwork or social security card that had my name change. I had to have the name on my birth certificate on my license. Then when I got married and changed my name, it caused a bunch of problems at the social security office. I had to beg the guy to believe me and change my name. Last month I applied for the enhanced ID and they denied me because of my previous hyphenated last name. I have to get my mom to obtain court certified documents of her divorce paperwork so I can get a dang drivers license.
I understand your intent, but please consider it could cause a bunch of paperwork problems with the government their whole life.