Has anyone been diagnosed with a short cervix?

Anyone diagnosed with a short cervix? How’d it gone? Did you deliver full term? Or how early. Just looking for real-life moms going through what I am. I’m 20wks, and my cervix is 15mm I’m going to try for a cerclage.


I had a short cervix & gave birth at 36 weeks. I also had preeclampsia as well. Having to go in weekly to get check is not fun either. I also had to get a shot at 28 weeks in case I delivered early it helps the development of the baby’s lungs.

I’ve had two pregnancies with a cerclage with both. The cerclage gave us a piece of mind as well as we delivered both pregnancies at 37-38 weeks. You got this… everything will be fine.

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I had to be sewed at 13 weeks, weekly apts, I was lucky and my girl held out till 37 weeks

I have a short cervix. Had 2 normal pregnancies. 1st vaginal 39weeks. 2nd emergency csection at 41weeks.

I have a short cervix right now this pregnancy I’m currently 33 weeks today. They told me my cervix was 3cm which is 1 cm off where it should be. My OB told me i should carry full term no problem. I still have slight doubt, but hoping!

One of the women in the fb watch show nine months was diagnosed the same. It shows he struggles from beginning to end. Might be worth watching for you.

My water broke at 20 weeks and I had to deliver my boy because there was no water for him to make it. Then miscarried 2 times. I then carried my daughter 35 weeks after been on bed rest the whole pregnancy, she lived 18 days because of a heart problem. I waited 8 years got prey with my other son had my cervix stitched, stayed on bed rest but at 27 weeks the cord tied around his little foot and cut off oxygen (which can happen stitching the cervix) so he didn’t make it either. I ended up adopting a little boy that’s now 14 years old. My friend had a short cervix and has 2 little girls now so good luck I’m sure you’ll be fine.


I had but had my babies full therm just with c-section though

My sister lost her first child because of it, born at 20 weeks. She’s had4 more children since and had to have her cervix stitched to go full term.

I had part of mine removed & I had 2 more babies(healthy)

I had a short cervix with my second and my doctor had me do progesterone suppositories and had a steroid shot to help mature baby’s lungs, I ended up making it to full term and was induced at 39 weeks due to high blood pressure.

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Yes! I have a short cervix. It started measuring short at 28 weeks during my last pregnancy. I had to get a shot in my butt to help the development of the babies lungs in case she came early. From 28 weeks to 35 weeks I had to go in every week to get checked because of my short cervix & at 36 weeks they induced me. Majority of the time I was on bed rest. I also got preeclampsia around the same time I found out about my cervix.

All the best! Everything is going to turn out great for you and baby will be healthy

I had a short cervix with my son. They put me on progesterone, and I had frequent ultrasounds to measure. I delivered at 36 & 4 and he was completely healthy.

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