Has anyone been diagnosed with placenta previa?

Hi, I am pregnant and high risk. I was recently diagnosed with placenta previa. My placenta is located anteriorly. The ER dr did not explain much, and I’m freaking out. I am to go see my OB dr in a few days. Has anyone been diagnosed with this?


I have this right now. I am 26 weeks pregnant. I bleed from 4weeks to 17 weeks then again at 22 weeks and then had another bleed this past saturday and again on Monday. Previa can resolve itself to allow for a vaginal delivery if not you will need a csection. And previa can cause other complications during pregnancy. Early delivery having to have a hysterectomy. I would recommend also following with high risk during the pregnancy as well. My dr does not allow any previa moms to deliver past 34 weeks due to the risk of hemorrhaging. With all the bleeds that I have had she is actually planning for me to deliver at 30weeks for the safety of baby and me.

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That’s 2 issues… placenta previa is covers all or some of the cervix… anterior means it’s at top of uterus.


I was with my last pregnancy

Placenta previa actually covers the opening of the cervix making vaginal delivery not an option. If the placenta is delivered before the fetus it will result in fetal death.

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I had placenta previa. My placenta was near my cervix but thankfully as my baby it resolved itself. I was careful on what I did until I was cleared. My doctor’s monitored me every week until the placenta moved on its own

I had it. Sometimes as your baby grows the placenta can move away from the cervix. I had to do bed rest for a while as well as not have sex, which was fine because I was so sick pregnant anyways that it didn’t matter. I would see your doctor, I would make sure your resting and lying down as much as possible and I wouldn’t exert yourself or get your groove on.

They will keep a close eye on it, often as the uterus grows it will move away from the cervix. If it doesn’t it will mean a c-section and an early delivery for the safety of you and the baby. They don’t want you to go into labour and have the baby pushing on the placenta and tearing it. I’m sure that your doctor will discuss everything in detail with you, or transfer you to a high risk obstetrician with more experience in this if needed.

I have had this both pregnancies. I was only “high risk” my first pregnancy due to some severe preeclampsia. But my second pregnancy has been a breeze up until last saturday. But ive been okay since

I had placenta previa, diagnosed at 17 weeks when bleeding started. Put on pelvic rest and was watched closely. Everything resolved itself by 22 weeks

Yes, I am currently 32 weeks pregnant with placenta previa, bicornete uterus and high risk in hospital. I was bleeding and passed a blood clot but since I’ve been in bed rest I hvnt blood as much.

Just had a friend deliver a healthy baby boy after a pretty severe placenta previa in which her OB was not optimistic that the pregnancy had a chance of progressing. So they are scary but there are chances you and baby will remain healthy.

My cousin did. Sadly she went into labor at 21 weeks. Baby was born alive!! Lived for 2hrs in her mothers arms. Absolutely heartbreaking. What’s meant to be will be. Dont stress

I had it! Luckily my placenta moved to where it was supposed to be the further along I got. My OB told me that it usually resolved itself and if it doesn’t vaginal delivery isn’t an option

I had it and it moved as baby grew and everything was fone

I had an anterior placenta with my last child she’s 9 almost 10 months now. It’s when ur placenta in in the front of the baby instead of the back. I was freaking out when my doctor told me that at well they didn’t really explain much about it so I googled it and read what it was an read that it won’t harm the baby. I also bleed at 14 weeks thought I was misscarrying the hospital did an ultrasound and everything baby was fine but there was like a bruise they call it on my placenta that was making me bleed they told me it was common when u have an anterior placenta my doctor had me get extra ultrasounds and kept a good eye on me to make sure everything went well I just took it easy an made sure I didn’t over strain my self my doctor told me to just do what I can don’t push myself. But if ur still curious call your doctor tell them you want to know everything u can about it.

I would go to the hospital that is very dangerous my granddaughter was born because of that and now she has birth defects

My placenta was low but not previa, I was put on bed rest to try and move my placenta up

Yeah they told me no sex and it fixed itself

I had it 33 years ago , I delivered placenta 1st and baby breach…talk to your doctor …don’t worry yourself