Has anyone been on prednisone while pregnant?

Have any moms been on prednisone while pregnant? I’m 26 weeks. I found out over the weekend from my primary doctor that my right temporal artery is inflamed, which isn’t exactly a good thing. If left unattended, I could go blind or worse. The treatment is typically high doses of prednisone but I’ve heard mixed things about prednisone and pregnancy. I see my ob tomorrow at 2. Just wondering if anyone has had experience with the medication or a situation similar to mine


I had a pregnancy rash my ob prescribed prednisone for and it worked wonders for me. No side effects for me or baby at all other than exactly what it was supposed to do

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I had severe poison ivy my entire third trimester with my middle child and took many rounds of prednisone for it

I was sick while pregnant with bronchitis and they prescribed prednisone and everything was ok with baby. If the benefits outweigh the risks (which they sound like they do in your case) you should definitely follow the drs recommendation to take it.

Prednisone will rise your blood sugars, so monitor your sugars. Prednisone worked great for me and my pregnancy

Tc absolutely not!!! Be sure your obgyn explains all the risks involved with steroids during pregnancykp

First question is how did he come to that diagnosis? Did you have a MRI? I would get a second opinion from a high risk fetal medicine doctor

I took prednisone during my first trimester, I’m an asthmatic and I had a bad flare up when that happens I get put on prednisone. Everything is fine and no side effects for the baby. If you are concerned talk to your dr they are usually willing and able to answer any questions you have

I don’t think your provider would prescribe you something unsafe for your pregnancy. Stay off of Web MD and reading reviews. What might work for some, doesn’t work for others. Hence bad reviews. If it’s bothering you or you’re scared to take it, speak to your Ob or primary care provider so you can get the proper facts on the pros and cons & side effects of said medication .

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It is risk verses benefits. So if you could loose visions, hearing, a limb or your life those things often are prioritized.

It seems to me that loosing your vision or having other brain damage is probably the worst case scenario than any possible side effects it may have on your child.

I was on Prednisone my entire pregnancy due to an autoimmune disease and everything was fine.

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If you trust FB page moms more than your doctor, then maybe you should have one of them delivery your baby too 🤷🤷

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