Has anyone been put on metformin?

Has anyone else been put on Metformin to help them conceive, and did it work? If so, how long. Have a four-year-old girl and wanted one more have been trying since she was 1 1/2. If it doesn’t work by my next appointment, she wants me to try Clomid with it. was wondering other people’s experiences with them


Clomid, No! Horrible side effects. I used metformin for 2 of mine and then discovered pregnitude. Best decision i ever made. Conceived within 1 cycle on it. Also upping your vitamin D intake.


I used Clomid and it worked for me I only had to take it for 2 months I had irregular periods and enodmetreosis I have not used Metformin

I got put on Metformin after being labeled as ”Gestational diabetic”, only to find out that I did not need it, because I was not. Being on the medication did give me was HELLP SYNDROME (VERY BAD), so just be careful when it comes to the need of it.

Isn’t that medicine used for diabetes? :thinking:

I was told I would probably never have children. I was put on it for type 2 diabetes in 2010 and was shocked to find at the begining of 2011 I was pregnant. I never took it to conceive…only to control diabetes…but I’m a mom of 3 now.


Fun fact. I’m type 1 diabetic and was on the birth control pill. I got put on metformin to help bring down my A1c and it counteracted my BC and now I have a 3 year old daughter! Lol

I used clomid and got pregnant after only a month also I have PCOS. Good luck

Clomid sucks, ask for letrozole. Letrozole gives you a higher success rate, I had a hard time with metformin since it’s so harsh on your stomach. Basically have to eat a diabetic diet (no sugars, carbs etc) in order for it to not give you the side effects.

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I was given Clomid because I couldnt get pregnant because of my PCOS and it didnt work. I took metformin for 3 months because my sugars were not controlled because of the PCOS and ended up pregnant. I have a handsome 10yr old boy now :blush:

Clomid works by itself,I took it and got pregnant 6 months later,I had no side effects at all

I was on metformin for a just under a year before I got pregnant. The first 2 months were the worst cause I lived in the bathroom from stomach issues. But it did eventually work.

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Why would they put u on a medication for diabetes to help u get pregnant?? That medication has side effects. U need to do ur research.

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Upper Respiratory Infection
Headache disorder
Vitamin B12 deficiency
Abdominal distension
Weight loss

I used clomid and got pregnant after only a month also I have PCOS. Hopefully it will work for you!

Neither worked for me. I hope you have success.

I was on it for a few months when I was trying to conceive. It tore my stomach up at first. I ended up stopping it and getting pregnant on my own a few months later. I didn’t like ur

What I know about Metformin it is a drug use to lower blood sugar for type 2 diabetes and to some people it has side effects on kidneys, liver and heart so be careful.

Listen to your doctor…he or she is probably prescribing you meds based on your medical history and health to which none of know…what worked for someone else may not work for you…I suggest not to stress too much about it and enjoy trying :wink:


Metformin is for diabetics…why would it help you conceive?