Has anyone been through this and carried baby til term?

I went in to preterm labor 11 years ago @28 weeks. My next two were born at 37 weeks

Happened to me at 35 weeks and I was 4cm and started bleeding but it stopped and they sent me home after a day or so. I ended up having her 5 days later though at 36 weeks. I think bed rest might help. I didnt do any type of rest after.

Same situation. Dr recommended bed rest. I had to hire a nany for my 2 year old. Broke my heart to be in bed rest instead of being with my 2 year old. My twins were born at 7 months. 5 pounds 10 ounces and 5 pounds 13 ounces. I’m only 4 feet 11 inches. Now they are 20 years old.

My first, my water broke at 32 weeks & I stayed in the hospital till they induced me at 34 weeks. Baby only had to stay for five days due to jaundice. My second, I was on progesterone shots & I still went into labor at 35 weeks & baby got to come home with me.

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I was in pain all week and they kept saying I was fine, the last time I went in it was too late for them to do any shots, they checked to see if I was in preterm labor and I was and when she checked me she broke my water. I had my son at 34 weeks, he spent 5 days in the nicu but the hospital was very accommodating and they let me stay there like a hotel room while my son was there as long as they didn’t run out of rooms.

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I had 2 34 weekers. One weighing 4lb 13 had a week in neonatal. And 2nd was 4lb 14 had no time in and we was sent home in 2 days after recovering from birth. As long as theres no issues and they are a good weight you may not need a big stay

My 1st baby was born 34weeks am currently 6months pregnant but I have a feeling I will go full term with this one every pregnancy is different try not to worry​:pregnant_woman::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This happened to me at 33 weeks. With the exception of dilation and being effaced. I delivered at 35 and 1. Shes a very hyper 2 year old. Try not to stress it.

Ive no advice Im sorry but good luck hope it goes well

I was 1cm at 28 weeks, 3cm at 35 weeks and had a c-section at 39 weeks. Just do what your drs say and say in bed as much as possible

I started having my first contractions with my son at only 18 weeks. I had multiple stays in the hospital for weeks and months at a time. I was dilated and also, the amniotic sac my son was growing in was being funneled through my cervix. I had a LEAP procedure done a few years prior so part of my cervix was removed which is what caused the pre term labor. At first the doctors were trying to get me to 27 weeks at least but with bed rest I made it to 34. He was a healthy baby🙂 I had a 3 year old daughter at home with me so I wasn’t in bed 24/7. Take it easy and rest!

My daughter was born at 36 weeks (late pre-term) with no problems I say since they gave you steroids you likely won’t have any issues

I went into labor at 32 weeks and got dilated to a 6 and 80% with one of my kids, labor was stopped, I was placed on bedrest and then I continued to go on until 37 weeks pregnant before actually having her. Also, 35 weeks and on usually have little to no problems, so since you’re past 35 weeks, I would try not to stress too much because 35 weekers do much better than even 34 weekers. I’ve had 2 35 weekers and they were able to leave the hospital with no NICU time :heart: just take it easy mama, stress is your enemy right now.

35 weeks and the steroid shot he should be able to go home with you and stay in your room with you if there are no problems

Had my son at 35 weeks exactly. Day before doctor took me off contraction meds xause I passed out in waiting room told me I wasnt dilated tho n I should make it to 40 weeks NOPE started nesting within hours n at 2 am water broke n 16 hrs no medications until I was told either csection or epidural so did epidural n 2 hours later my son was born. I think they should’ve sent him to NICU but they didnt n I only say I think they should’ve cause his lungs are so messed up even 12 years later.

I had twins. Preterm labor that stopped on its own but was back within a week and had the babies. Stay in bed as much as possible but when your body it is just ready. Good luck💕

I had the steroid shots at 34 wks stayed pregnant until 37 wks she had no problems

My 3 yr old was born at 35 weeks. He had jaundice but only spent 5 days at the hospital he didn’t have to go to NICU! The steroid shots will help!

I had my middle daughter at 33 weeks. She spent about a month in NICU due to weight but other then that she had no issues