Has anyone been told they have low amniotic fluid?

Has anyone else ever been told there was low amounts of amniotic fluid and the doctor wasn’t able to see the kidneys but the baby turned out ok? I’m so worried and scared, I don’t know what to do


I did with my daughter, was told to just drink plenty of water and take baths. Everything was fine.

Yep. They made me come in 3 x a week for nst’s. Turned out just fine. Healthy 6lb 3 ounce baby right on time.

I was the baby in that situation… My moms fluid leaked as well… Here i am… I was born healthy but very tiny… Im still tiny… But its in my genes…

when my Dr went to break my “water” when I had my daughter there was barely any. I had been steady leaking it and never knew. My daughter is now 17. The complications I had had nothing to do with “water”.

My waters broke at 20 weeks and I was constantly leaking fluid throughout my pregnancy they couldn’t even tell if he was a boy or girl. Drink lots of water and rest as much as possible. You will have alot of appointments but more chances to see your baby.

My baby was healthy minus scoliosis. Have a family history though so it may not be related to the low amniotic fluid

I haven’t, but I have had two friends who have. Other than extra doctors appointments before birth, everything was fine.

This happened to me so I know and feel the pain your in. Keep the hope and faith because God can perform miracles!

Drink lots of fluids. Water water water and MORE water. I was told mine was low also and i pounded water like a drout was happening and by my next apt it was perfect. Your Fluid intake (water) has a huge impact on your amniotic fluids. Again water more water.

I have not been told this. but I have heard that significantly increasing your fluid intake will help with amniotic fluid. I have also heard you can have an amniotic fluid transfusion so to speak…

Yes, but was just told to drink lots of water. And that did it for me.

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My doctor said kidneys were looking bigger haven’t had a problem since birth. Amniotic fluid depending how far you are isn’t always for concern.

Yes. I experienced this with my first. At 37 weeks they almost had me induced because of her size and low fluid. Drink lots of water! Things turned around and by 41 weeks we had baby all natural, totally healthy @ 9lbs 9ozs! Don’t stress!

I had it in my first pregnancy and ended up being put on bed rest at 30 weeks and delivering via emergency c section and 31 weeks. Drink as much fluids as you can and try to rest as much as you can

I lost my first child to low fluid

I had low fluid with my daughter. They found it during a ultrasound when I was admitted for preeclampsia. I was induced the next morning at 37 weeks. She was fine other than that.

I had this with my 1st, low amniotic fluid, placenta deterrating and detaching and preeclampsia. I was induced at 36 weeks

Yes, just big baby all ok

Depends on how far along you are. With my daughter I had normal fluid levels at 14 weeks, then got an anatomy scan at 19 weeks and had very little fluid and turns out it was because she had no kidneys. By the time I was 36 weeks there was almost zero fluid, just a few little “pockets” of fluid and I went into labor, had an emergency c-section and she was stillborn.