Has anyone been told this in early pregnancy?

I had a baby girl in August last year, recently found out I am pregnant again, and when I went for what should be a scan turned to be 1 of 3 options. 1) it’s too early to decent. 2) an ectopic pregnancy. 3) an early onset miscarriage. I’ve gone for blood on Tuesday and another set yesterday (Thursday); I was told to hang tight I’d have a phone call with my results. I haven’t heard anything back as of yet. But I’m just wondering if anyone else has been told this, and everything turned out to be ok? Or can I get details about what happens with an ectopic pregnancy because google just has me thinking the worst and not actually answering the question I want to be answered? Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Me!!! & Im
Due in June! I went it was too early to see anything on ultrasound but blood test level showed positive. Went to the ER for bad cramping they almost gave me a shot thinking it was an ectopic pregnancy…it most definitely was not it was just too early to detect.



Follow your OBGYN demand answers and if you feel it’s way past due on that phone call, call them immediately.
You are your own advocate.

I had an ectopic pregnancy and played Google Dr and followed other people’s journey’s instead of my own.

Almost died.


I was told I had an ectopic pregnancy with my son…he just turned 1 yesterday! I opted not to do the surgery when the E.R. wanted to, instead I waited and had my HCG levels retested 3 days later and they were elevated and he was visible through a transvaginal ultrasound. Every situation is different of course. Do what you’re comfortable with as long as you’re not in any danger medically. :heart:


I was told that my new pregnancy was left over embryo from last miscarriage 1 month ago they planned on doing D&C. I refused.she is 14 years old now.


I was told I miscarried n there was no heartbeat … my son is almost 13. It was a vanishing twin syndrome that happened to me while pregnant n I didnt find out I was pregnant officially till I was 20 weeks cause of them saying it was a miscarriage… but ectopic pregnancies aren’t anything to play around with cause if it is that the tube could burst which could kill you so if I was you I would be on that phone 24/7 until you got answers


I was told all these things. I panicked for nothing! Everything was fine, i was just really early. Also, does your drs office offer a patient portal? Mine does and I can see all my results before the drs even see them.

Me! When I went in with my daughter I thought I was closer to 9 weeks based off my last pregnancy… I was actually more like 5-6 weeks. They ran extra blood work and had me come back for a rescan like a week or so later and at that point we were able to see an ultrasound only with the internal wand.
Keep your head up. As long as your levels are climbing I wouldn’t worry to much… praying for you!

Sometimes it takes the embryo longer to descend into the uterus and sometimes you will only see the yolk sac on the ultrasound, then a week later the embryo will be there try not to worry

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I had the same thing happen at the beginning of this pregnancy and i am almost 7 months along. It really is just a wait and see period. You must have caught this pregnancy very early and the only way they can rule out everything is blood drawing to make sure your HCG levels stay elevated and to do an ultrasound when you’re a bit further along. I was in and out for 3 weeks twice a week before we could see anything on an ultrasound to rule out ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage, and it turned out that the cramping I kept feeling was due to a cyst on my right ovary that he was pressing up against as he grew but it was nothing serious.

My last pregnancy was ectopic which resulted in emergency surgery for me. I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks and they saw the placement wasn’t right. I had 5 ultrasounds that day. I was even sent to a specialist to make sure. That night I had a partial hysterectomy to remove the ectopic pregnancy. I had no symptoms of anything being wrong at all. A year before that I had a miscarriage. I went to the ER for cramping and bleeding (not heavy, but more than spotting) at 6 weeks and passed the baby (tissue as they called it) after a vaginal ultrasound as the doctor was checking me. I had to go back 3 days later for blood work to confirm it was a true miscarriage. They told me before leaving the ER the second time it was in fact a miscarriage. Call your doctor and demand answers.

For my now 6 year old, I went in for an ultrasound thinking I was about 7 weeks. They couldn’t see anything and I left so upset. They wanted to see me back in a week or 2. When I went back, there she was, heartbeat and all. So when I was there the first time, I was really only about 5 weeks. Hope you get answers soon. Waiting is always the worst!

I was told It was a possible ectopic they had me do blood work for about 2 weeks every 2 days to check my hcg levels which weren’t rising as they should. Went in for a sonogram and it was confirmed ectopic and I had some blood at that point which resulted in having to have surgery to have my right tube removed. I thought there was a chance they could be wrong which is why I told them to continue to do blood work until they could confirm with certainty that it was ectopic. I could have probably avoided the surgery had I taken their suggestion of ending the pregnancy but it didnt sit right in my heart to end a pregnancy if it couldn’t be confirmed. Do what you think is right but make sure your health is priority and listen to your doctors

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Usually no news is good news. Prayers and positive thoughts :pray:t3:

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Ok so my first pregnancy was ectopic and the signs I had were irregular bleeding, positive home pregnancy test, hcg not doubling after 2 days, and on ultrasound my uterus was completely empty but they could see the baby in my tube… I was given 2 methotrexate injections but that didn’t work because at that point I was too far a long and my tube ruptured the next day which resulted in emergency surgery and the loss of my tube.
When I got pregnant again over a year late I immediately had blood drawn and went for an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed nothing at all. They couldn’t even see a yolk sac and there was nothing seen in my tube. 2 days later I had another hcg blood test which showed my levels more than doubled. Then after about 2 weeks I had another ultrasound and there he was…

Me, my daughter will be 2 next month

Yes I just went through this. I got told all of the same things and now I’m 12 weeks and 5 days. I got told my baby was gonna die and everything because of my hcg level and at 7 weeks and 3 days they found her. Just stay calm.

Was it an internal ultrasound?? Because I had a bitch nurse tell me coldly that I miscarried. “I’d be able to see it, there’s nothing.” Went for another scan a week later (external) and boom he was still there. Now I got a happy and healthy 4 year old. Get a second opinion. I was around 5 weeks.

I’ve had 2 ectopics. One was caught early and treated with methotrexate and the second was caught later and had to be surgically removed along with my right tube. If you feel any pain or have bleeding go immediately to the emergency room. However, they may have you wait for an ultrasound at a later date when they can visibly confirm the placement of the baby.