Has anyone considered being a surrogate?

I was wondering if you could please post I was wondering if any moms here would ever consider being a surrogate mother and what they would look for in a couple to carry a baby for and If they have any questions regarding surrogacy I can answer them and possibly get them connected with intended parents to begin a surrogacy journey I have been a surrogate twice, and it is an amazing experience and feeling to give the gift of life to a couple who were unable to conceive.


I’ve thought about it, but I’ve had small complications during delivery so idk if I’m allowed

I’ve considered it but I hate being pregnant so I don’t think I’d do it


Always wanted to do tht

I’ve always wanted to do it, but I have epilepsy so there’s too much risk

I’d like to hire one it’s a lot of work

I have always told my best friend that I would for her cause she can’t carry… My body doesn’t like pregnancy but I know how much of a blessing it is… My first was placed for adoption wit an amazing family… So yes I would in a heart beat

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Following for someone who has used one

I’ve considered but I don’t meet the health requirements

I applied online but my application was rejected because I weigh too little compared to my height :woman_shrugging:t2:

What’s the cost run usually for the parents getting a child. I have friends who have talked about this but wasn’t sure if the financial on their end

I’ve thought about it but I’ve always been concerned I’d be attached to be baby and it would be hard to give to the family


I have always wanted to but I would be too attached. I dont think I could do it emotionally which sucks because I would love to help a family like that.


I have always wanted to

I wanted to be one after I had my 2nd. Hubby & I talked about it but he said no because he doesn’t want anything to happen to me or deal with my mood swings for a baby that’s not his lol

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I wanted to but there is a lot of requirements.

I had thought about it at one time. But I couldn’t do it. I’m not going to lie. I’d be to attached to the baby.

for everyone who has thought about it, but doesn’t want to get attached to the baby. you can carry a baby that is completely someone else’s instead of a surrogate where the baby is from your egg & you carry it.

I wanted to be a surrogate one day down the line but was told I can’t since I had a c section it’s to much of a risk.

I’ve thought about it and would love too but I’m considered overweight for my height(5’8") and wouldn’t qualify. I’ve had two pregnancies already and no issues with either one, not even morning sickness! (Knock on wood!)