Has anyone dealt with pinworms?

This is kinda gross, so I’m so sorry but has anyone dealt with Pinworms in themselves or your children? It says its harmless, but if left untreated, of course, it could turn into other issues. I’m calling my daughters doctor here in a few hours to see if they’ll see her and prescribe her something (so it’s free). Should I treat myself too? God, I feel like we are an animal and I feel so sickened by the thought …has anyone tried OTC treatments? Which one has worked if so? I have no insurance for myself, so the cheaper, the better… Again I’m sorry for the grossness, but this has never happened to us, and I’m just disgusted and want to know we aren’t alone.


We had a foster child who came to live with us a few years back who had them… for a very long time before we realized it. They were quite easy to take care of… I would treat the whole house twice… feel free to inbox me with any questions

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IWalgreens sell something for them it is a Liquid medicine all family members should take it . Wash underwear and sheets and remind kids to wash hand often.


Highly contagious. Treat everyone in the household. Treat again in 2 weeks to be sure. If treatment doesn’t work first time, do it again. It’ll keep getting passed back and forth if not.

Years ago my friends kiddo had them. It was summer and we were doing a lot of camping & sleepovers. We didn’t have symptoms but still took them just to be safe. Her child took a dose and never had an issue again.

Buy this stuff! It works wonders. Make sure everyone in your family drinks it too just to help it not spread. You can find this stuff at Walmart, Walgreens, or cvs. Don’t feel gross. It’s more common than you think.

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Definitely treat everyone in the family twice as per recommended on the package. Make sure they wash their hands before every single meal and wash under nails where eggs like to hide.
The school sent out a pamphlet a few years ago when our kids were at another elementary school because someone had it. I learned a lot from that pamphlet and video they sent out! They deff won’t cause pain or anything but of course anyone wants that immediately gone so make sure you treat the first time to kill them and then another time maybe a few months later to be sure everything is taken care of :heart:
Sending hugs! Not a fun situation at all :disappointed:

Got them when I was little! I was so embarrassed and felt so dirty that I refused to let my dad take me to the dr lmao he just got some over the counter stuff, be warned IT TASTES LIKE FUCKING ASS​:joy::nauseated_face:
Treat the whole household btw!

Don’t be embarrassed mama! Shit happens!

Typically everyone in the family is treated.

Use vaseline everyday for a few weeks.

Very common but very .contagious, treat the whole house

Use the pinworm medicine. Also, eat pumpkin seeds.

If the dr prescribe her something he’ll likely prescribe it to everyone in the house.

It happens . I was raised with lots of animals growing up. It is treatable

As a child it is soo easy to get …playing outside…in the dirt …hands on your face etc …kissing your dog …as an adult …I would think how in the hell did I get this !! …but just be cautious to wash all your fruits and veggies too ! The pinworm medication will work great

Treat everyone in the house, wash everything especially towels/linens … clean surfaces, wash hands frequently.

How do u know if u got pin worms omg I’m itchin now

Don’t get down on yourself it is yucky just the thought of it but it is not uncommon. Yes the otc med above. My daughter had and the dr said use the otc. I believe it’s a 2 dose bottle

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Treat everyone in the house, and any animals in the house all at the same time

And don’t be hard on yourself, it happens :woman_shrugging: