Has anyone dealt with postpartum pre-eclampsia?

Has anyone dealt with postpartum preeclampsia? Mine was so severe I had to be hospitalized four days again after being sent home with my newborn daughter. My blood pressure is still all over the place despite being on two medications. I’m worried because it has been almost four months and not much has changed. I’d love to hear other experiences with postpartum preeclampsia and tips!


My little boy is 19 months and I’m still suffering with very high blood pressure and also now I have daily migraines but doctors arent concerned and just keep passing me from post to pillar.

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Yes! Scariest time of my life! I could feel something was wrong with my body, and my blood pressure was insanely high. Doctors kept telling me I was having anxiety. After 4 emergency room visits they did a urine culture which showed I had protein. They admitted me in the hospital for 2 nights. I also was having a very low pulse (30’s) that they could not explain. I had one ER doctor tell me I could be having heart failure, which made me even more upset. I had an echocardiogram done while admitted to find nothing. They could not explain the low pulse. But I was on blood pressure medications for a few months after having my daughter. Now I’m currently 39 weeks pregnant and just today and my urine is now showing protein. I’m now scheduled to go in to start induction Wednesday night.

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Yup…had it thru my whole pregnancy …2days before me schedule delivery they wanna be worried about it… the whole time they didn’t nothing for me…

I thought I had it but it actually turned out to be a UTI that was making my bp go crazy

Had pre hypertension before pregnancy, and preeclampsia with my son…and after i have hypertension…it never resolved.

Be healed from this disease in the name of Jesus Amen

Had postpartum eclampsia with both my boys. The first time they never caught it. Was on the way to the er when i had a seizure in the back seat of my husbands car. Had two more in the emergency room. They put me in an induced coma as they couldnt get my BP under control and some organs were shutting down. 3 days in ICU before i woke up. Ending up being on BP medicationa for a month. After the birth of my second son they monitored me more closely. Again was in ICU for a magnesium drip until my BP was stable but was off my BP meds by my 6 week check up. I did end up having anxiety/panic attacks after my second which did spike my BP. Its scary. Hang in there mama! It will work out

Yes, I had post partum eclampsia. I didn’t have to be hospitalized for it. After my son was born. But I had to see a heart specialist. Than a kidney specialist. My body wouldn’t expel the extra fluid that it retained during pregnancy. Once I saw the kidney specialist she prescribed pills to get rid of the water weight. I lost 20 lbs of water weight. I was advised that the water retention could return. Later my body got rid of the other 20.

My son was just shy of being 2. I discovered I had breast cancer.

I dealt with hypertension the entire time during my pregnancy. I actually had it both times but my second one was worse. I was dealing with it even after my baby. I was put on higher dose of the blood pressure medicine I had been taking. I invested in a blood pressure cuff so I can keep an eye on it and I’ve actually been able to wean myself off of the medication to a low dose. I drank a ton of water, watched what I ate, and tried to sleep as much as possible. If you feel the doctors aren’t taking you seriously get another doctor to look into it. High blood pressure isn’t something to mess around with.

Talk to your doctor about your meds. They may need to change it.

I had congestive heart failure and post partum eclampsia. My blood pressure was 198/100. My right side hurt so bad I couldn’t stand up because it felt like everything inside me was ripping apart. I was hospitalized overnight from it two weeks after I had my daughter. I was on pain meds and blood pressure meds. What helped me was laying on my left side with my feet propped up. Taking my meds. Drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced diet.

Eclampsia can sometimes take months to resolve. I had to be on blood pressure medication for 6 mo after my son was born

I’m currently dealing with this. I delivered last Monday and on tuesday my bp started to suddenly spike. They weren’t sure they were going to release me but they decided to on christmas. They didnt do a magnesium drip because they said it didnt seem to be so bad. I was put on labetalol 2x a day and had to follow up 2 days later. At that appt my bp was the highest it’s ever been. Even being on the meds. It hasn’t come down. I just called the dr to see if they want to raise my meds. Its very scary.

I had my son three weeks early due to this and then still am struggling with my BP but I do not want to go on medication so healthy eating and exercise

I was put on a magnesium drip for 24 hours after I gave birth. My bp went down and didnt need any medication when I was sent home.

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They say I have high blood pressure but every time it gets checked it’s normal, I have some propananol or something like that but afraid to use it since my blood pressure isn’t high

I had it with this last pregnancy. I did a major diet shift as well as two different blood pressure meds, and cut all caffeine

I had HELLP and it took six months for everything to stabilize.

talk to your doctor about your meds. But also be conscious of what your eating and how much water you’re drinking. Diet goes a long way to helping your body heal :slightly_smiling_face:

What meds did they put you on? First time I had preeclampsia they had me on labetol (spelling) second time I was on norvasc. Was hospitalized both times after delivery.