Has anyone else had an abnormal placenta during pregnancy?

I am currently 12 weeks! My eight-week scan showed a Circumvallete Placenta in which the fetal membranes “double back” on the fetal side around the edge of the placenta. I am just wondering if any other moms have had this type of placenta and still had a healthy pregnancy? I go for a repeat scan in a couple of weeks, and I can’t help but be seriously paranoid that results will show that baby isn’t growing up to par due to my abnormal placenta. :frowning:


Often Placenta’s move and kinda fixed themselves during pregnancies!

Yes! I had it with my last two and it didn’t cause any problems. They were both also carried to term!

Nor abnormal but I was in a ca wreck at little over a month along. And suffered from a slight detachment of the placenta. Which only caused issues with blood from me to her so they have me on monitoring until shes born.

My daughter had a really really small placenta and umbilical cord during birth. And she came out healthy.

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Mine wasnt healthy and not getting nutrients to baby ended up having preelclampsia at 29 weeks and had to deliver i dont think thats related they were gonna take her at 32 weeks regardless. Shed now 15 momths and healthy

I have this too, I’m 30 weeks right now and I have to go back for another 1 hour ultrasound to make sure baby is growing as he should. So far so good, they will just monitor you closely.

My friend had this and her pregnancy was very hard, her baby came 6 weeks early and she is very healthy and smart baby girl absolutely perfect. But my friend wont be having another baby her pregnancy was so hard she had to go to the doctor’s 3 times a week to get fluids