Has anyone else had issues with Mirena?

So I got the Mirena three weeks ago and had only had light bleeding so far up until about 45 minutes ago I woke up with excruciating pain in my whole abdomen area, so much that my chest started hurting and I felt like vomiting. The feeling has since become more like what dull contractions feel like except its constant, and I still feel like vomiting. I won’t be able to see my GYNO until maybe Monday, but has anyone else had these problems with the IUD?

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Had to get mine removed my body rejected it

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I had pain like that for a few months and then it went away took it out in Sept after having it for 3 years…it affects people differently maybe it’s just a side effect but most deffinatly get it looked at

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Sometimes it can shift you should go to the ER

Same here had to get it removed my body didnt like it either. I was in the emergency room right the next day after getting it in. I had to spinal tap test was in the hospital for over 2 weeks doctors couldnt figure out what was wrong with me until finally one female doctor asked me what was I using for birth control I said mirena amd she said that’s it we have to remove it idk why were still using that thing and yes the next day she removed it and I was back to normal.

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My body rejected it,it was very painful,severe cramping

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I had Mirena for 5 years. I never had a single period or bleeding with it. However, I did have excruciating pain on and off, horrible cramping, mood swings, severe depression, acne, weight gain, chronic infections, etc. It was the worst experience ever and I’ll never get hormonal birth control or another iud again.

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I got pregnant with having it

I’ve tried three birth controls in my whole life. And this one by far was the worst. Compared to the inplanon and depo the mirena was the worst

I had mines had to take it out ASAP be careful and good luck

Yep.Very heavy painful periods and got pregnant with it

2 friends of mine had to migrate through their uterus and had to have it surgically removed

I have one and it has been in for 4 years and I have never had 1 issue. No periods, no pain, no cramping. Its perfect!


Yes mine was a nightmare! I had pain from the moment I had it put in! They wouldn’t take it out until i had it in for 6 months even though I was in pain! They kept saying give it time to settle, anyways in the end when they did eventually take it out it had slipped down and was out of place! Nurse who took it out made a joke and said oh God it’s a wonder you haven’t gotten pregnant! Fast forward a Couple of weeks after that I found out I was pregnant! :grimacing: WITH TWINS!!!


I had ovarian cysts form from mirena and one burst causing lots of pain. It really could be anything. If it’s getting worse or doesn’t go away definitely hit urgent care/er

I had it…caused me to develop a ping pong ball sized cyst on my left ovary!!!

It could really be anything. Pain that bad go to the ER.

Yes I had 2. The first was removed for cramping and pain like you describe and we tried a new one, same thing. Foreign object in your body. I just went back on the pill and it’s been 11 years, never looked back. Get it out!

Worst bleeding and worst depression

I would go get checked out if it’s as bad as you say. Just because you have a mirena doesn’t mean it’s that. Could be any number of things. Regardless of what it is, if you’re in that much pain I’d at least go to urgent care or somewhere where they can do an ultrasound