Has anyone else had these issues with Mirena?

I have had the Mirena IUD for the last four years, and it has been GREAT for me. I’ve never had problems with it UNTIL NOW lately; I feel like something is always pricking me “down there” when I walk, when I sit, and especially during sex. Should I make a doctor’s appointment, or is this normal?? I’m only asking this because I’ve had this birth control for so long and never had this problem


I would contact my doctor, sounds like it has shifted or moved

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Sounds like it’s moved I’d definitely get it checked because that’s a pregnancy risk

I had the same problems, plus massive hormonal issues and when I went to three doctor, found out that it had fallen out of place.

Go get checked :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: always the best solution x

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Sounds like it shifted. Book an appt sooner than later.

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Deff get it checked ASAP because that happened to me and I got pregnant lol I went for a visit and my gyn was able to just grab it because it came out of place. I don’t want to scare you or anything but deff schedule and appt🤗

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Make a doctor’s appointment, you can never be too safe.

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You shouldn’t be able to feel it, make an appointment

Mine did that and it moved out of place. Call your DR

Definitely make an appointment. Sounds like it came loose

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Get it checked!!! I can’t stress this enough! I “lost” my Mirena and I’m going to now have a baby right as I turn 40! Talk about a surprise!


I’d see your doctor immediately.

I had mine taken out after I started to get uncomfortable during sex.

As everyone said call your dr, it more than likely moved. That not only can affect how and I’d it works, but it can potentially cause damage also!

That happened to me and it had perforated my uterine wall :frowning: had to have outpatient surgery to remove it.

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Must have shifted. Ouch. Make an appointment asap.

I’ve gotta have a hysteroscope done to have mine removed because the dr that placed it clipped the strings too short which resulted in it migrating up into the uterus. After an ultrasound and several uncomfortable non-surgical attempts to remove it I have to be referred for surgery. Never getting another IUD. Hope that’s not the case for you but I’d highly recommend having it check out because it can rupture through the uterus and into the abdominal cavity which would then require a laparoscopic surgery.

Go yo drs what u waitn for???

Call your doctor NOW. I used to work for an OBGYN and have seen all the horrors. IUDs are terrible.