Has anyone else suffered from a prolapsed uterus: Advice?

Has anyone suffered from a prolapsed uterus? Could that be what I’m going thru? I am 30 years old and had twins by section six years ago. I’ve already made an appointment for 1/6/20 (the soonest my gyno can see me), but I’m just trying to get stories from other women right now. I’ve had the Paragaurd for over a year and feel a bunch of pressure near my cervix, and my strings seem a lot shorter lately than they have in the past. I’m a nervous wreck worrying about what could be wrong. I have a lot of pressure and am uncomfortable sitting; it kind of feels like I have a tampon that’s in the wrong. Sex is a little painful when he is deep. After sex, I’m cramping and just feel uncomfortable. My periods are awful, wiping during a period hurts, I spot like crazy all the time. I just want to know if this is what I could be suffering from or if it sounds like something else anyone has gone thru. Any advice is appreciated. Ways to find relief until my appointment. Etc. Thank you in advance.


I had this and for me it ended up being that my iud moved and got stuck in the cervical canal. It hurt so bad during sex one evening that I was crying. I had crazy pressure and would feel like a snap but never thought about it being the IUD until then.

I’m thinking the Paraguard has shifted, causing discomfort and you may want to have it removed

Find a pelican floor physical therapist

I hope not but it sounds painful enough to be. Pls watch it very closely, esp for infection — and If you start to feel worse or get a fever hit the ER. We had a friend who got this and caught it just in time by going to the ER. with this the infection that can set in can be pretty serious.


This sounds problematic, but definitely doesn’t sound like uterine prolapse. If you had prolapsed your uterus and/or cervix would literally be coming out of your vagina.

I would go to the er to make sure its where it should be. Sometimes iuds move. Good luck and update the group.

Go to your local planned Parenthood and see if they can get you in sooner


I had a PU and have none of these symptoms, and I also have an IUD, it may be that it’s misplaced or dislodged somehow!

Be healed in Jesus name Amene