Has anyone elses child had a postnasal drip?

Has anyone’s child had postnasal drip? I think that’s what my daughter’s dr called it. But she gets this awful cough. Mostly at night, and early mornings. During the day it’s not bad, or sometimes she doesn’t have it. She got medicine for it. But she is still coughing. How long does it last? What things can help speed recovery?


How old is your child?

I grew up with post nasal drip and it still effects me today. Neti Pot or nasal saline rinses help AMAZINGLY! also a flonase or steroid nasal spray. if they’re real young they’re going to hate it but do it daily in addition to Claritin

My son and I get this everytime we get a cold/allergies it doesnt drip out of our nose it drips down our throat. What works for us is to take our asthma and allergy meds so we dont get sick. Which doesnt always work. Instead of laying down flat at night sit up a bit.

A humidifier with vicks in it usually helps and allergy meds work too and a little bit of vicks on the chest helps.

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Vicks on her feet with socks with socks might help

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If caused by an underlying nasal issue it can last a very long time. If it persists suggest seeing an Ear Nose and Throat specialist.

the drip could be caused by an allergic reaction to something that is near by during the night.

It last for ever i have had mine for years nothing will fix i have goods on end then it just come back and i cough and cough

The cough can last for several weeks

I get it cough can last a little and always heightened in the morning

Post nasal drip is something that goes hand in hand with colds, and allergies.

Postnatal drip is usually caused from sinus congestion. Run a cool air humidifier

My son had one for about 4 months and then it just went away at about 8m old

Elevate her when she’s sleeping and have a humidifier going in her room.