Has anyone ever been diagnosed with posterier placenta?

I went to the Er today for light bleeding and major cramping. I’m 15 weeks pregnant, and they diagnosed me with “Posterior Placenta” I have a little info on it, but looking for more… & also the outcome of things, I’m trying not to worry, but I don’t know how to think!


You shod Google it you will find out more


I had it. Nothing negative happened🤷‍♀️


Nevermind. I fail. Ignore below.

Yes. It just means your uterus is towards the front. Usually it only means you cant feel kicks as much because it’s like an extra cushion. I had it.

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I have it. Posterior just means it’s at the back vs anterior which means it’s in the front. It wont affect anything.

I had it…just didn’t feel any kicking

I googled it for you and it says “Posterior placentas are most common and considered “least likely to cause complications,” if that makes you feel any better. Stay positive :purple_heart:


Prosetior placenta just means it’s attached at the back of your uterus, it’s completely normal and doesn’t cause any problems

Posterior placenta is normal! My placenta was posterior and I was told that was normal!

Best thing ever! Very minimal back labour!

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Trust me, out of anterior or posterior… you want a posterior placenta. You’re less likely to have issues/complications and labor is not going to be as painful.

Yes I had it. I had hemorrhage at 8 weeks. So I had to do weekly ultrasounds until I hit 20 weeks. My baby was delivered full term.

You want a posterior placenta. That’s the best place and considered normal. Anterior placenta would just affect feeling kicks because it would be in front of the baby

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So the hospital didn’t provide you with the correct information? I’d trust a hospital but if you didn’t listen I guess this is the next best place.


I had it with my son. (Second birth) it was fine only difference was harder to feel his kicks. Other than that Was fine.

I had an anterior placenta with my daughter. And the major thing the OB told me that would be different is that I might not feel movement as quickly as someone who had a posterior placenta. Nothing wrong with it and totally normal!

Go to Dr Phil’s Doctor on demand you can face time a nurse are Dr.

I had it. Just had a harder time feeling movement of the baby earlier in my pregnancy.

Totally normal nothing to fear. I have an anterior placenta. Nothing you did wrong or that you can do to change it. Take it easy in your first trimester maybe if youve had some bleeding, but otherwise nothing to worry about :slightly_smiling_face:

Placenta Previa is a problem. I had that twice. Not sure about the opposite.

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