Has anyone ever gotten false positive "Quad Testing"

Have ANY mama’s ever had the “quad screen” done which tests for down syndrome, Spina Bifida, and I forgot the other things and their results come back positive for down syndrome but was a false positive? Mine did come back positive for down syndrome, and I go back in the morning to redo the test. However, my doctor did say that it is pretty common for those tests to come back as a false positive and that they are not 100% accurate anyways. Regardless, I am super terrified and


Yep! With my first. They called and told me while I was at work. SOO scary and I was worried the entire rest of my pregnancy, but we said no matter what, we love her anyway. She is a healthy and happy almost 5 year old now. :slight_smile: Don’t freak out too much. You’ll probably get lots of ultrasounds from here on out. Needless to say, I did NOT get the quad screen for my second pregnancy. Best of luck!

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Not me personally but I do know someone this happened to. She was devastated and stressed and her baby is almost 2 now and completely healthy, nothing abnormal. Just wait until you know more to worry. :heart:

Yes, but opposite.
I had the harmony test at 12 weeks. Said my baby had little to no chance for trisomy or anything else the test offered to show risks for. At 18 weeks at our anatomy scan we found abnormalities. We waited two weeks to see if anything changed. Nothing changed but got worse so we called for an amniocentesis. That came back positive for trisomy 18. She was stillborn at 30 weeks.


They said it with my daughter who is now 1 year. My OB at the time did my test 1 week after the cut off date. I was super terrified but it was false. I denied any extra testing cuz it didnt matter to be either way. Point is dont freak out because they are not always correct

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My friend was told her son tested positive for ds… He was born in May, doesnt have downs. GOODLUCK :slight_smile: … if it makes you feel better, I’ve heard of quite a few others testing positive for downs and it was false.


We denied the testing for this reason. The doctor told us the high chance for false positives so we chose not to do any testing and just wait until he was born. Good luck


Most doctors here advise against it because of the false positives and just cause expectant parents undue anxiety


I’m sure you are super stressed! I dont agree with testing that can be so inaccurate just for the unnecessary stress it can add to you and an otherwise healthy baby.

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Mine did. Did the extra test and was normal

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Yes the one I’m pregnant with now. My my ultrasounds are normal

Is it going to matter for how much you love this child if it does have any of these conditions. If the answer is no and that you will love this child no matter what then it shouldn’t matter what these tests say. I refused to ever even do the blood tests especially on my last cause they kept trying to get me to abort my baby cause I was"too old"and high risk. He is 3 and perfectly healthy. I would only worry if they found something wrong in the ultrasound that could cause concern

With my first it tested positive for spina bifida and she didn’t have it. Also, a friend tested positive for something and her son is perfectly fine. I elected not to have it with my other two.

Please don’t choose to live in fear. It is pointless to fear what you cannot change. Please be strong like I know you can be.


This happened to my niece. Scared her to death! She went for further testing and it was nothing!

I was supposed to have Spina bifida… I do not. I think that’s what my parents said at least I don’t remember

I had a false positive with the NIPT it’s terrifying but definitely go in for the additional testing offered to help put your mind at ease. They thought my son would have downs and he is perfectly healthy at 2 years old! Good luck!


Our kids a quadrapallegic… So… I can’t relate

Mine were abnormal for downs and spina bifida. An anatomy scan ruled out downs, but not spina bifida. I stressed about it, along with an abnormality with the umbilical cord, the whole pregnancy. My daughter was born with a sacral dimple at the base of her spine. Ultrasound ruled it as benign. They said an abnormal blood result for spinal problems can mean something as small as scoliosis, or something more serious.

Even if it’s actually positive you’re going to be so incredibly happy. My nephew has Downs and he is the most lovey, sweet, charismatic, kindhearted bundle of amazing. Don’t be afraid, you’ve got this and you’re going to be a great Mom.