Has anyone ever had a positive and then a negative pregnancy test?

I was wondering if any mommas have gone through this before. Well, I haven’t started this month yet. I am about a week late for my period. I took a test a few days after my missed period, and it was positive, but a few days later, I took another, and it was negative. I don’t want to do another pregnancy test. Any advice helps.


Could be a chemical pregnancy.


I’d schedule an appointment with a doctor for a blood test. False positives are rare but it’s also weird to get a negative result days later when your hormone levels should be increasing. Best of luck mama! :heart:

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I had this happen and it turned out to be a chemical pregnancy


Could be early miscarriage.

Same, chemical pregnancy


Had it happen, the negative for me was false. I’d take another with first morning urine and schedule an appointment just to be sure. It also depends on the type/brand you bought of the tests. Some show clearer results earlier than others (I.e. the Walmart 88 cent ones for me showed 5 days sooner (2 days before missed cycle) than others I took, which even the digitals took me 8 days after my missed to show positive.)

I had this happen to me . I bought a box that had two in it . They both come out positive . Bought another one different brand . It come out negative. Bought another one of the fist brand . Come out negative . Blood test was also negative. So I was not pregnant . I still don’t know what could have caused that but just think it was a bad batch of tests .

This happened to me! I had 2 positive tests then the 3rd was negative. I’m currently 31+5 :purple_heart:

Possibly a chemical pregnancy. I’ve had this happen a couple times. Go to the dr. & get blood work

Oh yeah. Then got a negative all the way till I was 6 weeks along lol

I had this was a missed miscarrage xx

You can’t hve a false negative

Could be a chemical pregnancy, but could also be a faulty test. Try again or go see your doctor for accurate results.

be careful that happened to a friend of mine and she ended up having an ectopic pregnancy.

See your doctor for sure.
Sounds like a chemical pregnancy but they can do bloodwork to get answers.

Yeah, two positive (one digital, one dye) and 9 negative. Blood work showed below 1% hcg. I was diagnosed with PCOS…

So with my last pregnancy, I took a home test, it was definitely positive. Went to the doctors (same day) it was negative, so I asked to have a blood test done. Sure enough I was pregnant but only like 2-3 weeks pregnant.

Could also be if you have thyroid issues. My friend got positive tests with the line tests, but negatives with the clear blue that says the words pregnant/not pregnant. She went to the dr and got bloodwork done, that showed negative as well. Her thyroids were what was causing the line tests to show false positives.