Has anyone ever made a relationship work with someone who had way different political views?

Hi All, not mama related but looking for advice. Has anyone ever made a relationship work with someone who is drastically on the other side of the political fence than their partner? We have attempted just not discussing things but with the current landscape of the world that is hard to do. We do not agree politically or religiously and it is getting to the point that we may just have to walk away. Seems so silly to end a relationship over politics. But it’s so much bigger than that when you are raising little humans into adults. If you’ve been in this situation, any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!


You’re clearly online do something about this one


Me and my husband have differing political views. We both understand and respect that the other has different views and both understand that our kids will one day have their own views. We dont talk to each other about politics in front of the kids and we dont let ourselves get heated about our differences


I wouldn’t even date someone with opposite political views than me. Many of my morals are tied into them and I wouldn’t compromise on that.


Only if they agree to disagree and is open minded to other people’s beliefs.

If you have to constantly defend what you believe in and argue, it is not worth it. It won’t work.

In my opinion our political opinions shouldn’t be heavily impeded on our children. There is a difference between raise them with values and an understanding of your own political feelings and making your kids believe what you do. Your actually in the perfect position to give your child the best of both sides, politically and religiously. The best you can do is work to understand one another and not let it be an issue in front of your kids.


I refuse to even entertain the idea of dating someone with opposing political or religious views. They are two major beliefs that make someone who they are. Morals are bound to political/religious beliefs and I will not compromise on any of them.


I used to struggle with this. Sometimes still do but alot has been agree to disagree. His views might be different than mine but his views haven’t changed the way he loves me or treats other people. Hes still a good man with his own opinions … maybe the wrong opinions :joy:but I still love him :heart:

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I have an ex who I am very good friends with. Politically we are night and day different. I continue to talk to hime and educate him. (There is no 'agreeing to disagree in our situation.) We don’t have children together and this IS part of the reason that we aren’t together. Our spiritual values are very simolar though so that makes him a little easier to reach.

Both y’all need to grow up

My parents had different views and made it work till they both passed away. My husband and I also have different views, we have been married for 2 years.

My ex and i have different religious believes. (I dont believe in anything, he does, our kids believe in god also. Thats alright with me.) I dont think we ever had a disagreement on politics. My boyfriend and i are on the same page with it all.

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Hard no.

Political views boil down to morals


My boyfriend and I differ on politics a little bit but differ drastically religiously. I am a Christian he does not believe in religion. We maintain a healthy relationship by him not saying bad about religion/Christianity when I’m around, and I do not force my religion on him. He is fine with me having our daughter get baptized one day and going to church with me when the covid thing is done. We respect the difference in opinions and we’re able to have open discussions about our beliefs/opinions and why we choose those opinions

My boyfriend and I are going through this right now. Normally it’s really not an issue but with this being an election year I have noticed it has gotten harder because we have a greed not to talk about certain things just to keep things on the up and up and sometimes he will still throw comments out there when he knows how I feel. I definitely do not think it’s worth ending a relationship over especially if the rest of the relationship is OK. I’m not really sure what is going to happen with my relationship because we kind of got into a heated argument yesterday but it wasn’t really about political stuff it was coming down to all the things going on in the world today. I think it’s hard when one partner has experienced certain things in life and the other one has not and it’s hard for them to relate on certain things. But I still feel that each one has To Step in to the others shoes and try to see things with a more open mind

We like to compartmentalize politics as if it’s something other than what is deeply woven into our person. These days “politics” dictates how we treat others, how we ALLOW others to be treated, and for a large majority of us is a foundational part of our moral compass. It’s one thing to have a difference of opinion on a matter, but if the political views of your significant other are so vastly different that it effects how you raise your children, your social circle, the ways you can (or can’t) communicate with them, it’s more than reasonable to re-evaluate your relationship with them.

I don’t think it has to be political or religious lines, so much as what you both agree are the basic values and morals you want your children to be raised with. It is okay to respectfully agree to disagree, and offer different perspectives of certain things, but certain core principles have to be held by both.


I have different religion views with .y husband (15 years together) and occasionally we discuss them, but in a nice way. If he .makes fun of my beliefs (agnostic/spiritism) I tell him its not nice and he apologises. We never really fought over it, he is an atheist and we have 2 kids, who can in the future choose what fits better to them.

Yes, we’ve been married for almost 20 yrs and we both view our marriage as a really great one. We do discuss politics and religion. We differ ok both to varying degrees. One thing that makes it possible for us is that we respect each other and disagree with respect. We have 5 children and they definitely benefited from a life with multiple view points. I think we are very similar morally, meaning we both see the same moral goal but how we arrive there maybe different.
The single thing that I think helps us stay strong is that we do not right fight. When we argue both if us are open to realizing we maybe wrong. We also sincerely consider each others point if view. None of that is easy and we spent several years at war before we matured learned tbe right way to handle things in our marriage.