Has anyone ever owed back child support?

Anyone ever owes back child support so that when you file your taxes, you have an offset that will be taken out of your return and ever have the IRS take double the amount that was owed?? IRS took out of state and federal.


I know plenty of females that get the money paid back for the arrears of not paying the child support. It will happen every year till it is paid.

They are only supposed to take what is owed!! I would call about it if I was you!

They will send whatever was over paid back eventually. The whole process of taking your tax return takes for ever. My husband got half of our taxes takin every year for a few years and it was never applied to the back amount till MONTHS later.

My husband has a child support case and before we got married when he would do his taxes his return go to child support if he was behind on it. We now do injured spouse on are taxes that way half goes to child support and the other half to us

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No. I’m not sure why it’d be double unless it’s all the arrears or there was a new judgement found that upped the amount. Easy way to solve is call childsupport get reciept mailed of what was owed and what’s been paid. And then call the irs and explain they took too much out. If it was taken in error it’d be paid back eventually. On the other hand if there’s been an issue paying in the past why not let them have it and put towards future payments so youre not behind again ? Just make sure paperwork and receipts are in order

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I worked as a child support case manager for 12+ years. If you owe back support the IRS will intercept the entire refund. However, as the obligor, you have rights such as: filing injured spouse, or a conference board with your agency requesting only half be taken etc.
IRS certification is based on the previous months debt. There should never be double the amount taken, it’s against the law. Make sure to talk with your agency and figure out what is going on. It’s possible it’s a mistake.


My ex owes back support i get his taxes some times its usually a year later. They did one year take monthly amounts and his taxes but ended up refunding some of the monthly they were taking…are u sure u dont owe double the amount if ur not paying monthly but sapose to they will take double…child support in reality will take what they want if anything left over that isnt owed eventually will make its way back to you …offsets take forever

Not every year. My daughters dad is behind 6 grand and has been for 4 years now. Im not sure what or how he is going about not having his taxes taken other then 3 parents that work for government

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I do taxes for a living. If you owe child support and the person you owe it to is getting assistance of any kind they can take both your state and federal tax refunds up to the total amount due.


I wanna know how to get my ex signed up for this cuz I’ve filed for child support at least 6 times I can remember in the last 12 yrs and nothing ever comes of it


My husband gets 0 taxes. He owes a lot of back child support. He’s paying current & back out of his check every week too. Maybe eventually it’ll be paid off.


They took my baby daddy’s state and federal, and sent it all to me.

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Are you sure your husband doesn’t have more kids out there you don’t know about? Maybe the other half is going to kids he’s not acknowledging.


Not owed it but that is what they do.

Simple solution dont be behind on child support :woman_shrugging:


My sons dad is over 5k behind again. He was this time last year too and they set me his federal and state.

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Don’t get behind!:woman_facepalming:t2: can you imagine if the custodial parent thought that way too? Who’s gonna look after the child’s needs? What if YOU pay for ALL LIVING EXPENSES for the child and the other parent slack on their payments…how you feel when it’s all YOU doing the work and paying bc some grown ass can’t take care of their child?! :woman_facepalming:t2: get real

My only question is how this fathers go on with they life knowing that they not paying for they own children? How they can possible sleep at night?? I just can’t even imagine how they can go on it even watch they self in the mirror


My sons dad is behind more than 20k… he doesn’t even file his taxes because he knows it will come straight to me! Lol I’m fine with it because it will all catch up with him​:joy::woman_shrugging: