Has anyone experienced a pregnancy after tummy tuck?

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No but I ruined a perfectly good breast reduction with pregnancy


A tummy tuck doesn’t prevent a pregnancy.
It just ruins the work you had done


I got my GF pregnant after my wife had her tummy tuck - does that count?

Jk. :cowboy_hat_face:


Me! Pregnancy was fine!!

Nah but sounds like a waste of money to me


I havent ,but im curious on the answer tho👀

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Y’all are literally useless. She’s asking how the pregnancy was like and how it went?


Yes, within year of tuck following gastric bypass. Babies positioned hip to hip, broke up scar tissue that was previously causing discomfort, and stomach went flat same date of delivery. Next baby same thing. 3rd baby passed at 22 weeks following an invasive testing puncture by medical. None were c section.

I had a tummy tuck as I never intended to
Have children as earlier as I did. My first pregnancy was nothing but high blood pressure problems but I think that was due to my anxiety and being
My 1st. I was told my baby would be small other then that i had a reasonable 1st pregnancy was only 2 days early and had normal delivery but had to have stitches. Went on to having another two normal healthy pregnancies. I think the only thing woth having a tummy tuck before pregnancies it does ruin the work that was done if your wanting children. Have them and then have the tummy down you will enjoy it more and for longer.

You might need to have a c-section for delivery.
It doesn’t prevent pregnancy. But! It can drastically change your birth plan. Let your OB know that you had a tummy tuck. They might just have you do a c-section because it’s safer.
Your plastic surgeon should of also asked if you’re done having kids or if you plan having more. Before you had it done.
It will make pregnancy difficult. But! You’ll just have the same risks as a c-section Mom. So its minimal risk!
Doesn’t change much. You might get more ultrasounds, more OB visits closer to term. You might have baby at 39 weeks. You also might have a very easy pregnancy. It just depends on how you healed from your tummy tuck.
But expect a c-section. That you might not get out of.


Yes, and your not considered high risk, it’s harder to feel the baby move,

yes and I ended up with a pouch after I delivered. With my tummy tuck I never looked like I was pregnant but now have a tummy pouch