Has anyone experienced lightening before their due date?

Has anyone ever experienced what they call lightening before due date?


Lightening crotch? Oh yeah. Not fun times :joy: :joy: :joy: nothing helps either you can prop your feet up, that might work, others it makes the pain worse and walking and doing stretches helps. Nothing worked for me personally :woman_shrugging::pensive::joy:

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Yes I’m 37 weeks it happens randomly

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Yup! Not fun and also nothing to worry about. Totally healthy and normal.


Lightening can happen weeks before your due date. I walked around at 4cm dilated for 3 weeks because my oldest decided to engage early. Meanwhile, my youngest was still at -1 station when I was fully dilated at 41 weeks. :joy:

Omgg yess it stops me in my tracts :joy::joy::joy:

Absolutely, started in 3rd trimester! I had such pressure last night I was almost positive his head was touchable and I’m just shy of 35 weeks!


Yes, I am right now. 3 weeks until due date but this is #4. So anyone’s guess…

Yes. I’m 23 weeks today and get it a lot. I’ve been getting it since 20 weeks. I had it my last pregnancy also.

Yup sure did. I could feel the baby super low in my hips.

Im due in 18 days and have been feeling it for about a month now.

Yes I have been for a few weeks.

I had it the last 3 months of pregnancy

Lightning crotch? I had it for months before delivery. It’s normal

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You can get it at any time during pregnancy usually between second and third trimester and is no indicator of labor or impending labor

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Yes with all three of mine, and it got worse with each pregnancy. By the third I mean it was stopping me dead in my tracks, it hurt so bad but thankfully doesnt last long.

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Yes of course. Very weird feeling and get ready…walking is a mission!!! But all worth it. Its all a wonderful, beautiful, crazy experience. Its a blessing.

Absolutely, also referred to as “crotch lightening” by many women who experience it. And it feels just like it sounds. Very common, especially when baby drops lower. Painful as F**K, feels like the baby is heel stomping your cervix with stiletto heels :grimacing:.

Oh that’s the absolute worst! I remember there being work outs you can do to help with the pain. Ask your Dr.