Has anyone felt like this in pregnancy?

I’m pregnant with my 3rd baby/boy & I have so much going on with my other kids that sometimes I just forget I’m pregnant for a second. It almost feels like my pregnancy isn’t real lol I feel like it won’t feel like I’m having a baby until he’s actually here… if that makes sense, lol with my first 2 kids, being pregnant was all I could think about… more so with my 1st just because I had the time lol did anyone else feel that way? I’m 32 weeks & due in November.


Nope I feel the same! Mom to two little boys with my 3rd on the way!

I have 3 girls and a boy due in December I always forget I’m pregnant until he moves just dont hqve as much time to focus on just being pregnant being busy with other kiddos

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Its normal im 33 weeks pregnant with my 3rd/ 1st girl
And sometimes i forgot im pregnant until i feel her kick move. Then im like on hey there haha

I felt the same way with my 3rd.

Im on my first and forget that I’m pregnant till my baby kicks me then I’m like oh yeah

With my third. I was huge he was 2lbs heavier than my other two. I just had the weirdest feeling that I wasn’t fully pregnant.

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Omg this is me! As much as my belly’s growing, I just completely forget until she wiggles or kicks :see_no_evil:

Pregnant with my 4th, now 38 weeks, and im so busy with the 3 i already have i barely had the time to enjoy this pregnancy. When im busy i also "forget " that im pregnant even now with my huge bump!

Yeah i had to carry on as normal as my partner didnt tell his family i was pregnant till 37 weeks because he was worried what they would say because our second child is only 1 xxx

I’m literally right there with you lol 33 weeks, 3rd kid, and it’s a boy lol

Nov is the best month! Nov 23rd. I have a son on the 17th and an older brother on the 9th

I feel the same way and this is my second pregnancy. It’s so wild how you can see the ultrasounds and hear the heartbeats but it still doesn’t feel real :sweat_smile:

I felt like this with both of my kids.

Yes! I did, I had a csection as well and he’s 7weeks now but I don’t remember any of the feelings, my heads always racing with now having 3… my bump was the biggest out the 3 too :see_no_evil: soo weird tbh…

We are the same amount of weeks pregnant I’m due nov 10th with my third but it’s a girl-
I’m the same way it feels so unreal like it’s not happening. I also feel like it’s flying by.

Sameee!! I don’t even feel sick at all. And because I have placenta previa I bleed on and off so its like having irregular periods lol

I’m 31 weeks with my second and I feel like this sometimes too. I really accidentally forget and most times forget to open the door wider, or stop before getting to close to the bed and bump my bump :joy::joy::joy:

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I’m on my fourth but I’m running around after a 1yr , 2yr and my 12yr I definitely forget that I am pregnant at times

Yes! I have 3 children. When I had our youngest, I already had a 5 year old and one that had turned 2 less than 2 months before he was born. I felt like I had no time to enjoy being pregnant, which bothered me a lot because I knew it was going to be my last pregnancy.