Has anyone felt pregnant a week before their period was due?

Has anyone ever felt pregnancy symptoms one week before period? I’m a week away from it; I just feel full, can’t sleep at night, I’m having nausea, cramping in different parts of my stomach, lower back hurts, stabbing boob pain; sometimes when I’m walking right above the left side of my vagina hurts and back to butt pain when I’m walking or sometimes when I’m laughing. I would be a first-time mom, so I’m new to all of this, no rude comments, please!! I feel bloated as well as a burning sensation when I lay down (in my stomach) could it be implantation?


With my second. I felt weird and decided to take a test. Found out about her a couple days before my period was supposed to start

You can have symptoms before a missed period.

I started having kidney infection symptoms sounds crazy but that’s how I found out went to the doctor to get checked for it and I was pregnant instead

With my second pregnancy I knew for two weeks before missing my period. It felt like I had a baseball in my stomach. I took a test the day after I was supposed to get my period and it came back a flaming hot positive :joy:


Yes I had food diversion and I knew instantly…I took a test everyday for 5 days straight until I finally got a faint line…it got darker each day…hes 2…lol

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Period symptoms can be very similar to pregnancy symptoms. Wait until your period is at least a day or two late and then take a test. Take it first thing in the morning so it will be more accurate.


Might just be a bad case of PMS . Kind of what it sounds like


Sounds like PMS before a period

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I knew before I missed my period. My boobs were real tender and I just knew I was. I was sensitive and felt different. I took a test and their was a real faint line. After I missed my period I took another and the line was brighter.

My 2nd child. I was nauseous and I thought I was catching whatever my boyfriend had. Turns out he was nauseous just a cough. When I kept getting sick at the smell of everything is when I figured it out. And honestly that was like a week before my missed period. 12 years later I have an 11 year old daughter lol

I had symptoms pretty early on, took a test before my expected period and it was a very dark positive!

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Yes! I knew on my daughter’s bday I was pregnant! I could just feel it. I told my step mom that I would be calling her in two weeks to make shirts. And she laughed. I called her two weeks later with a positive pregnancy test :joy:


Ive found out a couple times i was pregnant very early on. One of them the doctors said i couldnt be more than a week pregnant cause of my levels :woman_facepalming:t2:

Yup!!! And I was! With my last 2 pregnancies this happened :slight_smile:

Had this a few times with Depo shot as well.

For all 3 pregnancies I feel “off” a week before my period was due. Nausea, lack of appetite, breast tenderness. I’ve taken my test the day my period was due and have been positive all 3 times.

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Yes. I have symptoms of pregnancy every now and them before periods. Been like that since i started my period.

Yes ma’am. I knew I was pregnant with both of my kids before the pregnancy test showed positive. My first symptom was not being able to sleep.

Yep with my third pregnancy. I was nauseous and emotional my boobs hurt. I took a test it was negative. Then I missed took another and it was positive