Has anyone felt their baby shake in the womb?

Hi, I have a question for any moms that have experienced “shaking” or “shivering” from their baby inside the womb? I’m 36 weeks pregnant and have noticed my baby will shake or shiver for a few seconds. He moves a lot, so I don’t think it’s an actual concern, but I’m just curious if anyone has experienced it and what your doctor said it was caused by? My doctor told me it’s just the baby getting excited, but the movements are super quick, and I never experienced it before with my other kids.


My son did it… it felt wierd lol

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My son did it when he was in my tummy. I cannot remember what it was…I want to say it was a yawn but I’m not 100%. Its generally normal though. But you can definitely always call your doctor for any questions or concerns

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I felt it to around your stage my baby is absolutely fine she also done it outside too I could recognise her movements x

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Could it possibly be hiccups??


I’ve felt this and I’m wondering the same thing! It only lasts a few seconds

My daughter had hiccups a few times… My whole belly shook! So cute

I had that during some of my pregnancy dr said was ok . I have a perfectly healthy baby boy 7months now​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck:

I have a 6y old son… When I expected him I felt the same… Sometimes even the father could feel it through my tummy…

Whrn he was born he continued to have this episodes a few times, but they never found what these shivers were…

I believe it might be from a medicine I ate until I relized I was pregnant… An antidepressant that I stopped tsking as soon as I found out… I experienced similar episodes of glitching up to 8 months after quitting Cold turkey…
Another girl I talked to at work noticed the same thing… From the same medication… But she didnt connect them until we spoke…

Hiccups rarely last a few seconds,lol. Does it councide with any of your meals? Maybe a little ‘surgar rush’ :slightly_smiling_face:

If it last a long time or the shakes are intense, go to the doctor. I’ve heard of breathing concerns for this.

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I have felt hiccups!

I wonder if its similar to the movements newborns do. Kind of twitching, its always been defined as their neevous system developing.

My baby did this and I was worried, she would shiver when she was born anytime she was cold she would do the same thing or her leg would twitch. It was completely normal and she grew out of it. Hope that helps!

Had one jump in utero when I dropped the toilet seat once.

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I know they cry in the womb… I recall my last baby shaking his hands a little bit as a newborn. Maybe it’s just that

Can’t say I ever felt that sensation but hiccups for sure. Lol…a lot

I’m sure its their diaphragm practicing, so I’ve been told

My doctor told me years ago that it was a active baby. When my son was born. He hasn’t slowed down until he hit 40.

I have in my past pregnancies and I always attributed it to ligaments stretching.